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HDD beta es uno de los proyectos del Laboratorio de Documentacion: es un software diseñado para la captacion de informacion y la gestion documental

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Nueva version mejorada de HDD (Herramienta De Documentalista)

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The “GetText” utility of Kryloff Technologies, Inc

En he encontrado gettext.exe es un conversor de documentos a formato texto.

Permite convertir PDF a texto y ademas otros formatos comunes:

3. Filtering components included in the original shipment

Kryloff Technologies supplies GetText with the following filters:

Filter file name Description Minimum platforms required File extensions supported
HLP2TXT.dll converts MS Help (.HLP) files into plain text Windows 95 and later HLP
HTM2TXT.dll* converts HTML files into text Windows 95 and later HTM, HTML, HTW, ASCX, ASP, ASPX, HHC, HTX, ODC, STM, XML
XML.dll converts XML files into text Windows 98 and later XML, XSL
PDF2TXT.dll converts the Adobe PDF® files into text Windows 95 and later PDF
PPTDLL.dll converts MS PowerPoint® (.PPT) presentations into text Windows 2000, XP and later PPT, POT, PPS
RTF2TXT.dll* extracts text from RTF (Rich Text) files Windows 95 and later RTF
UNCD2TXT.dll* converts Unicode TXT files into plain text ones Windows 95 and later TXT, LST, INI, LOG, CSS, INF, SCP, SCT, WSC, WTX, ZAP
WPD2TXT.dll extracts plain text from WPD (Word Perfect®) files Windows 95 and later WPD
XLSDLL.dll extracts text from MS Excel® (.XLS) spreadsheets Windows 2000, XP and later XLS, XLB, XLC, XLT
DOCDLL.dll** converts MS Word® (.DOC) documents into text Windows 2000, XP and later DOC, DOT

*     Recommended for use under Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and higher editions

KT Text Filters are also used in the rest of the Kryloff Subject Search™ family of products, namely:

  Subject Search Spider –  your personal information retrieval intelligent Web engine.
  Subject Search Scanner –  scans files on local and network drives looking for a given phrase.
  Subject Search Siter –  investigates Web sites looking for a phrase and finds information buried in them.
  Subject Search Pad –  opens documents in text mode and locates files with similar contents.
  Subject Search Summarizer –  creates brief summaries of and translates documents or Web pages you are reading.
  Subject Search Sleuth –  searches in huge collections of files on PC and LAN; includes API for developers.
  Subject Search Server –  lets visitors search your Web site for the information they are looking for.

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