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MoDeD en Pubmed

MoDeD en Pubmed

1 OP:10023
Autor: Zhao, Jiewen
Measurement of total flavone content in snow lotus (Saussurea involucrate) using near infrared spectroscopy combined with interval PLS and genetic algorithm. 20100412 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Flavones/*analysis, Plant Extracts/chemistry, Spectroscopy, Near-Infrared/*methods, Calibration, Models, Statistical, *Saussurea/chemistry/genetics, *Algorithms, Least-Squares Analysis,

2 OP:10024
Autor: Richardson, David J
Dispersion-shifted all-solid high index-contrast microstructured optical fiber for nonlinear applications at 1.55 microm. 20091209 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Computer-Aided Design, Miniaturization, Refractometry, Sensitivity and Specificity, Equipment Failure Analysis, *Optical Fibers, Equipment Design, Nonlinear Dynamics, Reproducibility of Results,

3 OP:10025
Autor: Jepsen, Peter Uhd
Bendable, low-loss Topas fibers for the terahertz frequency range. 20090512 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

4 OP:10026
Autor: Xu, Chris
Experimental and theoretical analysis of core-to-core coupling on fiber bundle imaging. 20081223 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Diagnostic Imaging/instrumentation/methods, Equipment Design, Image Processing, Computer-Assisted, Models, Theoretical, Humans, Computer Simulation, Refractometry, Endoscopy/*methods, Light, *Endoscopes, Fiber Optic Technology, Optical Fibers, Optical Devices, Lasers,

5 OP:10027
Autor: Prawer, Steven
Diamond waveguides fabricated by reactive ion etching. 20081125 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

6 OP:10028
Autor: Birks, T A
All-fiber LP11 mode convertors. 20080218 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

7 OP:10029
Autor: Sodini, C G
Electromechanical coupling constant extraction of thin-film piezoelectric materials using a bulk acoustic wave resonator. 20080204 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

8 OP:10030
Autor: Richardson, D J
Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers based on a square lattice cladding. 20070816 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

9 OP:10031
Autor: Watanabe, Yoshiaki
Electromechanical coupling coefficient k15 of polycrystalline ZnO films with the c-axes lie in the substrate plane. 20070419 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
*Ultrasonics, *Electronics, Crystallization, *Computer-Aided Design, *Models, Theoretical, *Transducers, Electric Impedance, Computer Simulation, Stress, Physiological, Zinc Oxide/*chemistry, Membranes, Artificial, Elasticity, Mechanics,

10 OP:10032
Autor: Koshiba, Masanori
Design of single-moded holey fibers with large-mode-area and low bending losses: the significance of the ring-core region. 20090617 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

11 OP:10033
Autor: Sholler, Gary
The hazards of watching football–are Australians at risk? 20061228 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Aged, Adult, Risk Factors, Male, Humans, Patient Admission/statistics & numerical data, New South Wales/epidemiology, *Television, Stroke/epidemiology, Myocardial Infarction/*epidemiology, Adolescent, Accidents, Traffic/statistics & numerical data, Heart Diseases/*epidemiology, Middle Aged, *Football, *Soccer, Self-Injurious Behavior/epidemiology, Female,

12 OP:10034
Autor: Helleso, Olav
Velocity distribution of Gold nanoparticles trapped on an optical waveguide. 20090604 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

13 OP:10035
Autor: Cheeke, J David N
Resonant spectrum method to characterize piezoelectric films in composite resonators. 20030417 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

14 OP:10036
Autor: Boyle, P
Screening. 20030207 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Neoplasms/*diagnosis, Clinical Trials as Topic, Mass Screening/*methods, Humans, Tumor Markers, Biological, Epidemiologic Research Design, Cost-Benefit Analysis,

15 OP:10037
Autor: Argyros, Alexander
Elimination of polarization degeneracy in round waveguides. 20090519 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

16 OP:10038
Autor: de Sterke, C M
Ring structures in microstructured polymer optical fibres. 20090508 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

17 OP:10039
Autor: Nicorovici, N A
Microstructured polymer optical fibre. 20090507 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

18 OP:10040
Autor: Sonoda, T
[MODED syndrome]. 20010831 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Female, *Eye Abnormalities, Syndrome, *Microcephaly, Male, Humans, Fingers/*abnormalities, Esophagus/*abnormalities, Duodenum/*abnormalities,

19 OP:10041
Autor: Gaylord, S
Alternative therapies and empowerment of older women. 19991208 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Female, Complementary Therapies/*methods, Middle Aged, Physician-Patient Relations, Women’s Rights, Humans, *Women’s Health, Aging/physiology/psychology, *Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Patient Participation, Paternal Behavior, United States, Aged, Health Behavior,

20 OP:10042
Autor: O’Sullivan, K
New horizons. 19990226 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Nursing Care/*organization & administration, Humans, Organizational Innovation, Nursing Research/*organization & administration, *Diffusion of Innovation,

21 OP:10043
Autor: Baris, E
Reforming health care in Canada: current issues. 19980908 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
*Health Care Reform, Canada, Humans,

22 OP:10044
Autor: Cairns, J Jr
Defining goals and conditions for a sustainable world. 19980115 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Guidelines as Topic, *Public Health, Ethics, International Cooperation, Humans, Forecasting, *Environmental Pollution, *Ecosystem,

23 OP:10045
Autor: Sirota, L
MODED: microcephaly-oculo-digito-esophageal-duodenal syndrome. 19971114 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Humans, Hypertelorism/genetics, Phenotype, Fingers/*abnormalities, Male, Abnormalities, Multiple/*genetics, Female, Infant, Learning Disorders/genetics, Infant, Newborn, Microcephaly/*genetics, Child, Preschool, Child, Syndrome, Duodenum/abnormalities, Toes/*abnormalities, Esophageal Atresia/genetics, Adult, Pedigree,

24 OP:10046
Autor: Culshaw, B
Simultaneous recovery of strain and temperature fields by the use of two-moded polarimetry with an in-line mode splitter/analyzer. 20091028 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

25 OP:10047
Autor: Bradshaw, P L
The equity debate within the British National Health Service. 19950831 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
State Medicine/*organization & administration, Humans, Health Services Accessibility/*organization & administration, Health Care Rationing/*organization & administration, *Social Justice, Social Class, Great Britain,

26 OP:10048
Autor: Stephens, B G
Infant death in San Francisco 1989-1990. 19930921 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
San Francisco/epidemiology, Retrospective Studies, *Infant Mortality, Infant, Male, Cause of Death, Humans, Sudden Infant Death/*epidemiology/pathology, Age Factors, Sex Factors, Infant, Newborn, Female, *Ethnic Groups,

27 OP:10049
Autor: Pethe, V P
Population, poverty and social transformation: an alternative paradigm. 19940602 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
*Public Policy, Economics, *Poverty, Disease, *Population Growth, *Unemployment, Developing Countries, Population, Demography, *Socioeconomic Factors, Asia, *Philosophy, *Morbidity, Population Dynamics, India, *Social Problems, Employment, *Population Density,

28 OP:10050
Autor: Beasley, M
Management of oil of citronella poisoning. 19910722 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Female, Animals, Pneumonia, Aspiration/etiology, Oils, Volatile/*poisoning, Lethal Dose 50, *Monoterpenes, Milk, Ipecac/therapeutic use, Male, Infant, Humans, Terpenes/*poisoning, Gastric Lavage/adverse effects,

29 OP:10051
Autor: Tyler, J W
Sudden infant death and chronic infant disorders: the N.E.S.T. model versus the lethal Cot-death syndrome hoax. 19900305 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Infant, Humans, Syndrome, Sudden Infant Death/*etiology, Stress, Physiological/complications, *Models, Biological, Infant, Newborn, Environment,

30 OP:10052
Autor: Ballantine, H T Jr
Historical overview of psychosurgery and its problematic. 19890317 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Mental Disorders/*history, Humans, History, 20th Century, Frontal Lobe/surgery, United States, Europe, Psychosurgery/*history,

31 OP:10053
Autor: Gourlay, P M
Geometrical optics treatment of circular lightguides: general wall material. 20100604 Alta: 16-Feb-2011

32 OP:10054
Autor: Sugimoto, T
Mechanisms of abnormal myocardial relaxation induced by ischemia: comparison of low flow ischemia and hypoxia in isolated rabbit heart. 19870708 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
*Myocardial Contraction/drug effects, Calcium/pharmacology, Anoxia/*physiopathology, Heart Ventricles/physiopathology, *Diastole/drug effects, Coronary Disease/*physiopathology, Animals, Coronary Circulation, Rabbits, Piperazines/pharmacology,

33 OP:10055
Autor: Mencaglia, L
Hysteroscopic treatment of uterine septa. 19860218 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Uterus/*abnormalities/surgery, Pregnancy, Infertility, Female/etiology/*surgery, Humans, Female, Endoscopy, Abortion, Spontaneous/etiology,

34 OP:10056
Autor: Nimer, D A
How to change out-moded pricing policies. 19851016 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
*Financial Management, United States, *Fees and Charges, Marketing of Health Services, Income, *Financial Management, Hospital,

35 OP:10057
Autor: Salmon, J W
Profit and health care: trends in corporatization and proprietization. 19851203 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Commerce, Health Facilities, Proprietary/*economics, Health Facilities/*economics, Economic Competition, Delivery of Health Care/*trends, United States, Multi-Institutional Systems/trends, Marketing of Health Services, Cost Control, Humans, Health Services Accessibility/economics, Health Policy, Health Planning, Health Maintenance Organizations/economics,

36 OP:10058
Autor: Sperelakis, N
Intercalated discs of mammalian heart: a review of structure and function. 19851219 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Species Specificity, Shrews, Sheep, Rats, Rabbits, Myocardium/*ultrastructure, Microscopy, Electron, Mice, Macaca mulatta, Intercellular Junctions/ultrastructure, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Dogs, Cattle, Animals,

37 OP:10059
Autor: Bompiani, C
[Abdominal angio-CT: technique of injection and scanning (author’s transl)]. 19820212 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
Pancreas/*radiography, Liver/*radiography, Tomography, X-Ray Computed/*methods, Kidney/*radiography, Humans, Contrast Media/administration & dosage, Spleen/*radiography, Angiography/methods,

38 OP:10060
[Public preparation of out-moded medicaments: theriaca]. 19571201 Alta: 16-Feb-2011
*Bites and Stings, *Therapeutics, Pharmacy/*history,


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    And, although it comes in capsule form, it is usually protected to take.
    This is all natural and can assist you remain in form.
    This medicine is purely not suggested for kids and expectant ladies.


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