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99 articulos de PUBMED que contienen el termino Facebook

Novedades 3-Dic-2010 8:47:19

1 OP:8032
Autor: Sawdon, Marina
‘You’re judged all the time!’ Students’ views on professionalism: a multicentre study. 20100716 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

2 OP:8011
Autor: Morton-Owens, Emily G
Implementing Twitter in a health sciences library. 20101108 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

3 OP:8010
Autor: Fox, Brent
Pharmacy, social media, and health: Opportunity for impact. 20101112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

4 OP:8031
Autor: Grover, Madhusudan
It’s Complicated: Facebook Users’ Political Participation in the 2008 Election. 20100723 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

5 OP:8030
Autor: Grover, Madhusudan
Defining the patient-physician relationship in the era of facebook. 20100730 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Physician-Patient Relations, *Internet, Information Dissemination/*methods, Humans, Guidelines as Topic,

6 OP:8029
Autor: Mehdizadeh, Soraya
Self-presentation 2.0: narcissism and self-esteem on Facebook. 20100817 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

7 OP:8009
Autor: Kennedy, Gregor
Medical students’ use of Facebook to support learning: Insights from four case studies. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

8 OP:8008
Autor: D’Amato, Maria
Facebook: a new trigger for asthma? 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

9 OP:8007
Autor: Young, Sean D
Internet Use, Social Networking, and HIV/AIDS Risk for Homeless Adolescents. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

10 OP:8006
Autor: Vognild, Lars K
Personalized health applications in the Web 2.0: The emergence of a new approach. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

11 OP:8005
Autor: 0
The Facebook Paths to Happiness: Effects of the Number of Facebook Friends and Self-Presentation on Subjective Well-Being. 20101201 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

12 OP:8028
Autor: Luscombe, Belinda
Finding mom on facebook. 20100820 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Social Support, *Parent-Child Relations, Male, Humans, Female, *Adoption,

13 OP:8027
Autor: Watts, Duncan J
Real and perceived attitude agreement in social networks. 20101005 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

14 OP:8026
Autor: Lynen, Lutgarde
Mobile learning for HIV/AIDS healthcare worker training in resource-limited settings. 20100921 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

15 OP:8025
Autor: Hawker, Mark D
Social networking in the National Health Service in England: a quantitative analysis of the online identities of 152 primary care trusts. 20100915 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

16 OP:8024
Autor: Chretien, Katherine C
Social media policies at US medical schools. 20100922 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

17 OP:8023
Autor: Odom-Forren, Jan
Technology: Facebook, Tweets, and the medical record. 20100929 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

18 OP:8022
Autor: Daniel, Deepa
Engaging the masses… 20100929 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

19 OP:8021
Autor: Brown, Evan D
Patient privacy and social media. 20100930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
United States, Nurse Anesthetists/ethics/*legislation & jurisprudence, Internet/ethics/*legislation & jurisprudence, Humans, Confidentiality/ethics/*legislation & jurisprudence, Communications Media/ethics/*legislation & jurisprudence, Blogging/ethics/*legislation & jurisprudence,

20 OP:8020
Autor: Thompson, Charlotte
Facebook–cautionary tales for nurses. 20101001 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
New Zealand, Humans, *Ethics, Nursing, Confidentiality/*ethics, Blogging/*ethics,

21 OP:8019
Autor: Kind, Terry
It’s your own risk: medical students’ perspectives on online professionalism. 20100930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
United States, Students, Medical/*psychology, *Professional Competence, Male, *Internet, Humans, Focus Groups, Female, Attitude of Health Personnel, Adult,

22 OP:8018
Autor: Park, Hyojung
Online Social Networking by Patients with Diabetes: A Qualitative Evaluation of Communication with Facebook. 20101014 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

23 OP:8017
Autor: Park, Hyojung
Emotional responses during social information seeking on facebook. 20101018 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

24 OP:8016
Autor: Lukes, Christine A
Social media. 20101019 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

25 OP:8015
Autor: Bjerkestrand, Stine
[Are you Facebook friend with Tidsskriftet?]. 20101022 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Periodicals as Topic, Norway, *Internet, Blogging,

26 OP:8014
Autor: Miller, Ryan J
Internet marketing 101. 20101026 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

27 OP:8013
Autor: Tucker, John H
Status update: “I’m so glamorous”. A study of facebook users shows how narcissism and low self-esteem can be interrelated. 20101029 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Self Concept, *Narcissism, *Internet, Humans,

28 OP:8012
Autor: Dutta, Soumitra
What’s your personal social media strategy? 20101105 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

29 OP:8033
Autor: Ellis, Pete
Privacy, professionalism and Facebook: a dilemma for young doctors. 20100716 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

30 OP:8034
Autor: Chretien, Katherine C
Online professionalism and the mirror of social media. 20100930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

31 OP:8035
Autor: Talbot, Toni
Dishing the dirt on Facebook. 20100629 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Michigan, Humans, *Employee Grievances, Employee Discipline, *Blogging,

32 OP:8036
Autor: Talbot, Toni
Mirror, Mirror on my Facebook Wall: Effects of Exposure to Facebook on Self-Esteem. 20100716 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

33 OP:8037
Autor: Talbot, Toni
Contingencies of Self-Worth and Social-Networking-Site Behavior. 20100625 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

34 OP:8038
Autor: Talbot, Toni
Facebook and MySpace: Complement or Substitute for Face-to-Face Interaction? 20100625 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

35 OP:8039
Autor: Sayers, Eric W
Education resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information. 20101122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

36 OP:8040
Autor: Hariri, Sarah
[Will the use of Facebook by medical students modify their relationship with patients?] 20100622 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Students, Medical, Questionnaires, *Physician-Patient Relations, Male, *Internet, Humans, Female, *Communication,

37 OP:8041
Autor: Landon, Bruce E
The availability and nature of physician information on the internet. 20100930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

38 OP:8042
Autor: Niu, Qikun
SNSs usage among Chinese internet users: an empirical study. 20100614 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Young Adult, *Social Support, Questionnaires, Models, Theoretical, Male, Internet/*utilization, Humans, Female, China, Adult, Adolescent,

39 OP:8043
Autor: White, Katherine M
Psychological predictors of young adults’ use of social networking sites. 20100609 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Young Adult, *Social Support, Social Environment, *Self Concept, Regression Analysis, Questionnaires, Personality Assessment, *Personality, Male, Interpersonal Relations, *Internet, Humans, Female, Behavior, Addictive/psychology, Adolescent,

40 OP:8044
Autor: Orsini, Merrily
‘Sticky features’ build your home care Facebook brand. 20100514 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
United States, Marketing of Health Services/*methods, *Home Care Services, *Blogging,

41 OP:8045
Autor: Fink, Joseph L 3rd
Pharmacists on Facebook: online social networking and the profession. 20100510 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Societies, Pharmaceutical, *Social Support, Privacy, *Pharmacists, *Internet, Humans, Universities,

42 OP:8046
Autor: Schwab, Brian Mark
Watch out Facebook–PDA’s social networking site ready to debut. 20100503 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Societies, Dental, Social Support, Pennsylvania, Online Systems, *Interprofessional Relations, *Internet, Humans, Communication,

43 OP:8047
Autor: Gosling, Samuel D
Facebook profiles reflect actual personality, not self-idealization. 20100428 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Self Disclosure, *Self Concept, *Personality, Motivation, Male, *Internet, Humans, Germany, Friends/psychology, Female, Feedback, Psychological, *Communication, Adolescent, Young Adult, United States, *Truth Disclosure, *Social Support, *Social Behavior,

44 OP:8048
Autor: Chapman, Simon
British American Tobacco on Facebook: undermining Article 13 of the global World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. 20100526 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*World Health Organization, Tobacco Industry/economics/*legislation & jurisprudence, Tobacco, Smoking/*legislation & jurisprudence/prevention & control, Internet/economics/*legislation & jurisprudence, *International Cooperation, Humans, Advertising as Topic/economics/*legislation & jurisprudence,

45 OP:8049
Autor: Duffin, Christian
Community service. 20100415 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
State Medicine/*organization & administration, *Social Support, *Interprofessional Relations, Internet/*organization & administration, Humans, Great Britain, Diffusion of Innovation, Benchmarking/*organization & administration,

46 OP:8050
Autor: Orsini, Merrily
Facebook…for business? 20100415 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Social Marketing, Social Support, *User-Computer Interface,

47 OP:8051
Autor: McCrory, Paul
iSupport: do social networking sites have a role to play in concussion awareness? 20100920 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

48 OP:8052
Autor: Williams, Brenda
Twitter, facebook and youtube: the TMA turns to social media to engage members. 20100329 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Societies, Medical, Tennessee,

49 OP:8053
Autor: van Manen, Max
The pedagogy of Momus technologies: Facebook, privacy, and online intimacy. 20100720 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

50 OP:8054
Autor: Chacko, Aron T
Social networking among upper extremity patients. 20100504 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Data Collection, Female, Hospital Departments, Humans, Internet/*utilization, Male, Middle Aged, *Orthopedics, *Patients, *Social Support, Socioeconomic Factors, *Upper Extremity, Young Adult,

51 OP:8055
Autor: Smith, David
Facebook is smoking. 20100311 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Child, Health Education, *Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Internet, Smoking/adverse effects/*prevention & control, Smoking Cessation/*psychology, Social Marketing, *Social Support,

52 OP:8056
Autor: Kaldy, Joanne
The social pharmacist: tweeting and posting the way to success. 20100309 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Interpersonal Relations, Pharmacists/*organization & administration, Social Behavior, *Social Support,

53 OP:8057
Autor: Patterson, Steven
Merging social networking environments and formal learning environments to support and facilitate interprofessional instruction. 20100218 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Cooperative Behavior, Education, Distance/methods/organization & administration, Health Occupations/*education, Humans, *Interdisciplinary Communication, *Internet, Patient Simulation, *Social Support, *Students, Health Occupations,

54 OP:8058
Autor: Park, M Jane
To tweet, or not to tweet: gender differences and potential positive and negative health outcomes of adolescents’ social internet use. 20100218 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, *Adolescent Behavior, Age Factors, Aggression, Child, Female, *Health Behavior, Humans, *Internet/statistics & numerical data/utilization, *Interpersonal Relations, Male, Parent-Child Relations, Risk-Taking, Safety, Sex Factors, *Social Support, Socioeconomic Factors, Treatment Outcome,

55 OP:8059
Autor: Park, M Jane
On Being Liked on the Web and in the “Real World”: Consistency in First Impressions across Personal Webpages and Spontaneous Behavior. 20100713 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

56 OP:8060
Autor: Schachman, Kathleen A
Online fathering: the experience of first-time fatherhood in combat-deployed troops. 20091216 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Anecdotes as Topic, *Electronic Mail, *Father-Child Relations, Fathers/*psychology, Humans, Japan, Life Change Events, Male, Military Personnel/*psychology, *Parenting/psychology, *Paternal Behavior, Social Environment, United States, Young Adult,

57 OP:8061
Autor: Schachman, Kathleen A
In this issue. 20091118 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

58 OP:8062
Autor: Schachman, Kathleen A
Psychological Predictors of Young Adults’ Use of Social Networking Sites. 20091105 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

59 OP:8063
Autor: Akers, Paige
Pharmacy students’ Facebook activity and opinions regarding accountability and e-professionalism. 20091103 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Communication, Female, Friends/*psychology, Humans, Internet/*ethics, Interpersonal Relations, Male, Professional Role, Questionnaires, *Self Disclosure, Social Desirability, Social Perception, Social Responsibility, *Social Support, Software Design, Students, Pharmacy/*psychology, Truth Disclosure, Young Adult,

60 OP:8064
Autor: Oppenheimer, Daniel M
Suppressing secrecy through metacognitive ease: cognitive fluency encourages self-disclosure. 20100422 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, *Cognition, *Confidentiality, Decision Making, Defense Mechanisms, Emotions, Female, Humans, Male, *Mental Processes, Personality Inventory, *Self Concept, *Self Disclosure, Social Desirability, Social Support, Thinking, Truth Disclosure, Young Adult,

61 OP:8065
Autor: Lefebvre, Craig
Integrating cell phones and mobile technologies into public health practice: a social marketing perspective. 20091007 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Advertising as Topic/methods, *Cellular Phone, Costs and Cost Analysis/methods, Data Collection/methods, *Internet, Public Health/*methods, *Social Marketing,

62 OP:8066
Autor: Fitzpatrick, Joyce J
Internet versus face-to-face therapy: emotional self-disclosure issues for young adults. 20090910 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Young Adult, Adult, Anxiety/psychology/therapy, *Attitude to Computers, Chi-Square Distribution, Depression/psychology/therapy, Fear, Female, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration, Jealousy, Male, Nursing Methodology Research, Patient Acceptance of Health Care/*psychology/statistics & numerical d, Professional-Patient Relations, Psychotherapy/*organization & administration, Questionnaires, *Self Disclosure, Socioeconomic Factors, Therapy, Computer-Assisted/*organization & administration,

63 OP:8067
Autor: Hearing, S D
Social networking sites: a novel portal for communication. 20090907 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Caregivers, *Electronic Mail, Humans, Internet/*statistics & numerical data, *Social Support,

64 OP:8068
Autor: Brendel, D H
Medical professionalism in the age of online social networking. 20090831 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, Internet/*ethics, Interpersonal Relations, Physician’s Role, Physician-Patient Relations/*ethics, Professional Competence/standards, Self Disclosure, *Social Support, Truth Disclosure/*ethics,

65 OP:8069
Autor: Jain, Sachin H
Practicing medicine in the age of Facebook. 20090813 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Internship and Residency, *Professional Practice, *Social Support,

66 OP:8070
Autor: Stadler, Walter M
Prognosis and prediction in a Facebook world. 20091125 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Biological Markers/analysis, *Forecasting, Humans, Interpersonal Relations, Neoplasm Metastasis, Neoplasm Recurrence, Local, Neoplasm Staging, Neoplasms/*diagnosis, *Nomograms, Prognosis, Risk Assessment,

67 OP:8071
Autor: Valenzuela, Sebastian
Being immersed in social networking environment: Facebook groups, uses and gratifications, and social outcomes. 20091208 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Data Collection, Factor Analysis, Statistical, Female, Humans, *Internet, Interpersonal Relations, Male, Personal Satisfaction, Politics, Regression Analysis, Self Disclosure, Sex Factors, *Social Behavior, *Social Environment, Students, User-Computer Interface, Young Adult,

68 OP:8072
Autor: La Barbera, Daniele
Cybertherapy meets facebook, blogger, and second life: an italian experience. 20090713 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

69 OP:8073
Autor: Peskin, Steven
Can a medical ‘Facebook’ help your plan thrive? 20090702 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Blogging, Communication, Humans, *Information Services, *Internet, *Interprofessional Relations, Physicians, Quality Assurance, Health Care,

70 OP:8074
Autor: Luscombe, Belinda
Social norms. Facebook and divorce. 20090626 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Disclosure, *Divorce/psychology, Humans, *Internet, *Social Behavior, *Social Support,

71 OP:8075
Autor: Luscombe, Belinda
CARNA joins Facebook! 20090529 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Alberta, *Employee Discipline, Humans, *Internet, *Interprofessional Relations, *Societies, Nursing,

72 OP:8076
Autor: Conde, Crystal
Medbloggers beware: watch what you say on the web. 20090507 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

73 OP:8077
Autor: Laursen, Lucas
Fake Facebook pages spin web of deceit. 20090504 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Automation, *Fraud, *Internet, Politics, *Research Personnel, *Social Behavior, Software, *Stem Cells,

74 OP:8078
Autor: Randeree, Ebrahim
Exploring technology impacts of Healthcare 2.0 initiatives. 20090422 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Medical Records Systems, Computerized/instrumentation/*trends, *Patient Participation, *Physician-Patient Relations, Quality of Health Care, Research, Technology Assessment, Biomedical, Telemedicine/instrumentation/*trends,

75 OP:8079
Autor: Dommety, Gopal
Extrapolating psychological insights from Facebook profiles: a study of religion and relationship status. 20090608 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, *Communication, Cues, Female, Friends/*psychology, Humans, *Internet, Male, Marriage, Motivation, *Religion and Psychology, *Self Disclosure, Social Perception, *Social Support, *Software Design, Young Adult,

76 OP:8080
Autor: Desmarais, Serge
More information than you ever wanted: does Facebook bring out the green-eyed monster of jealousy? 20090727 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, *Disclosure, Female, Friends/*psychology, Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Interpersonal Relations, *Jealousy, Male, Sexual Behavior/psychology, *Social Environment, Social Perception, User-Computer Interface, Young Adult,

77 OP:8081
Autor: Tieman, Jeff
Health care reform in the age of Facebook. 20090413 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Awareness, Consumer Advocacy, *Health Care Reform, *Internet, United States,

78 OP:8082
Autor: Hawn, Carleen
Take two aspirin and tweet me in the morning: how Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are reshaping health care. 20090311 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

79 OP:8083
Autor: Dellavalle, Robert P
Social internet sites as a source of public health information. 20090303 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Dermatology, Humans, Information Dissemination/*methods, *Internet, *Marketing of Health Services, *Public Health,

80 OP:8084
Autor: Desmarais, Serge
Information disclosure and control on Facebook: are they two sides of the same coin or two different processes? 20090608 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, *Communication, Female, Friends/*psychology, Humans, *Internet, Male, Personality Inventory/statistics & numerical data, Privacy, Psychometrics, Self Concept, *Self Disclosure, Social Desirability, Social Identification, *Social Support, *Software Design, Students/psychology, Trust, Young Adult,

81 OP:8085
Autor: Orr, R Robert
The influence of shyness on the use of Facebook in an undergraduate sample. 20090608 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, Attitude, *Communication, Friends/*psychology, Humans, *Internet, Middle Aged, Personality Inventory/statistics & numerical data, Psychometrics, *Self Disclosure, *Shyness, *Social Support, *Software Design, Students/psychology, Time Factors, Young Adult,

82 OP:8086
Autor: Arkfeld, Daniel G
Facebook medicine. 20090211 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Information Services, *Internet, *Physician-Patient Relations, *Rheumatology,

83 OP:8087
Autor: Zafron, Michelle L
Use of Facebook in academic health sciences libraries. 20090122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, Information Dissemination/*methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/*utilization, Internet/*utilization, Libraries, Medical/*organization & administration, Library Services/*organization & administration, *Library Surveys, Professional Role, Schools, Medical/organization & administration, *Social Support, United States,

84 OP:8088
Autor: Paisley, Ian
My vision for the future of dentistry. 20100426 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Colorado, Dental Care/trends, Dentist-Patient Relations, Dentistry/*trends, Forecasting, Health Services Accessibility/trends, Health Services Needs and Demand/trends, Humans, Internet, Interprofessional Relations, Medically Underserved Area, Oral Health, Practice Management, Dental/trends, Professional Corporations/trends, Rural Health/trends, Social Values, Technology, Dental/trends, United States,

85 OP:8089
Autor: Ville, Y
Fetal Facebook: historical representations of the fetus between art and science. 20090105 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Fetus/*embryology, History, 15th Century, History, 16th Century, History, 17th Century, History, 18th Century, History, 19th Century, History, 20th Century, History, Ancient, Humans, *Medicine in Art, Paintings/*history, Photography/*history, Ultrasonography, Prenatal/*history,

86 OP:8090
Autor: Sittig, Dean F
A scientific collaboration tool built on the facebook platform. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Abstracting and Indexing as Topic/*methods, Blogging/*organization & administration, *Cooperative Behavior, Information Dissemination/*methods, *MEDLINE, National Library of Medicine (U.S.), Oregon, Science/*organization & administration, *Software, Software Design, United States, *User-Computer Interface,

87 OP:8091
Autor: Groves, James E
Intersection of online social networking with medical professionalism: can medicine police the facebook boom? 20081205 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Clinical Competence/*standards, Education, Medical/methods/standards/trends, Humans, Internet/*standards/trends, Medicine/*standards/trends, Privacy, *Social Support,

88 OP:8092
Autor: McCreary, Lew
What was privacy? 20080930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Commerce/*organization & administration, *Confidentiality, United States,

89 OP:8093
Autor: Shepherd, Stuart
Marketing. The Dawn of the fan. 20080916 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Communication, Community-Institutional Relations, Great Britain, Hospitals, Public, *Internet, Marketing of Health Services/*methods, *State Medicine,

90 OP:8094
Autor: Mueller, Gregory
Facebook for scientists: requirements and services for optimizing how scientific collaborations are established. 20080814 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Cooperative Behavior, Female, Humans, *Information Services, Information Systems, Interprofessional Relations, Knowledge Bases, Male, Personality, Social Support,

91 OP:8095
Autor: Zanders, Edward D
Drug discovery in the era of Facebook–new tools for scientific networking. 20080923 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*trends, *Computer Communication Networks, *Interdisciplinary Communication, Internet,

92 OP:8096
Autor: Zanders, Edward D
Labs are Facebook initiative motivates students to consider lab careers. 20080716 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Career Choice, Humans, *Internet, *Laboratories,

93 OP:8097
Autor: Black, Nicole Paradise
The intersection of online social networking with medical professionalism. 20080709 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Behavior, Female, Humans, Internet/*utilization, *Internship and Residency, Male, *Social Support, *Students, Medical,

94 OP:8098
Autor: Campbell, W Keith
Narcissism and social networking Web sites. 20080904 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, Female, Humans, *Internet/statistics & numerical data, Interpersonal Relations, Judgment, Male, *Narcissism, Personality/classification, Personality Disorders/psychology, Photography, Self Concept, Social Identification, *Social Perception, *Social Support,

95 OP:8099
Autor: Begg, Michael
What medical educators need to know about “Web 2.0”. 20080508 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, Medical, Educational Technology/*organization & administration, Humans, Information Dissemination, Internet/*organization & administration, Software Design, United States,

96 OP:8100
Autor: Bonds-Raacke, Jennifer
MySpace and Facebook: applying the uses and gratifications theory to exploring friend-networking sites. 20080421 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Female, Humans, *Internet, Male, *Psychological Theory, Sex Factors, *Social Support, Students,

97 OP:8101
Autor: Cain, Jeff
Online social networking issues within academia and pharmacy education. 20080306 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Education, Pharmacy, Humans, Internet/*ethics, Interpersonal Relations, Privacy, Professional Competence, Risk, Social Behavior, *Social Support, *Students, Pharmacy, Truth Disclosure,

98 OP:8102
Autor: Mitchell, Kimberly J
How risky are social networking sites? A comparison of places online where youth sexual solicitation and harassment occurs. 20080204 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Child, Crime Victims/*statistics & numerical data, Cross-Sectional Studies, Female, Humans, *Internet/legislation & jurisprudence, Interpersonal Relations, Male, Public Policy, Sexual Harassment/*statistics & numerical data, *Social Behavior, *Social Support, United States,

99 OP:8103
Autor: Levy, J
Perceptual asymmetry for chimeric faces across the life span. 19861030 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Age Factors, Aged, Brain/physiology, Child, Child, Preschool, Corpus Callosum/physiology, *Facial Expression, Female, *Functional Laterality/physiology, Humans, Male, Psychomotor Performance/physiology, Visual Perception/*physiology,



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