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52 documentos sobre OWL Ontologies en PUBMED

Novedades 3-Dic-2010 18:23:16

1 OP:18329
Autor: Bard, J B L
Part-of relations in anatomy ontologies: a proposal for RDFS and OWL formalisations. 20040302 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, *Computational Biology, *Models, Anatomic, Programming Languages, Software,

2 OP:18328
Autor: Rector, A
Defaults, context, and knowledge: alternatives for OWL-indexed knowledge bases. 20040302 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Abstracting and Indexing as Topic, *Artificial Intelligence, *Computational Biology, Humans, Internet, Logic, Terminology as Topic,

3 OP:18327
Autor: Bard, Jonathan
COBrA: a bio-ontology editor. 20050309 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Cell Physiological Phenomena, Computer Graphics, Documentation/*methods, *Models, Biological, *Natural Language Processing, Phylogeny, *Software, *User-Computer Interface, Vocabulary, Controlled, *Word Processing,

4 OP:18326
Autor: Falkman, Goran
Representing clinical knowledge in oral medicine using ontologies. 20050914 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

5 OP:18325
Autor: Stoeckert, Christian J Jr
The MGED Ontology: a resource for semantics-based description of microarray experiments. 20060320 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Computer Simulation, Database Management Systems, Gene Expression Profiling/*methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, Models, Biological, Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis/*methods, Programming Languages, User-Computer Interface,

6 OP:18324
Autor: Bichindaritz, Isabelle
Memoire: A framework for semantic interoperability of case-based reasoning systems in biology and medicine. 20060220 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Artificial Intelligence, Humans, *Internet, *Medical Informatics, Semantics,

7 OP:18323
Autor: Musen, Mark A
Challenges in converting frame-based ontology into OWL: the Foundational Model of Anatomy case-study. 20060616 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Anatomy/*classification, Humans, Internet, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

8 OP:18322
Autor: Musen, Mark A
Use of description logic classification to reason about consequences of penetrating injuries. 20060616 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Anatomy/*classification, Coronary Vessels/anatomy & histology/injuries, Heart/*anatomy & histology, Heart Injuries/*classification/complications, Humans, Internet, Logic, Models, Anatomic, Myocardial Ischemia/etiology, Semantics, Thorax/anatomy & histology, *Vocabulary, Controlled, Wounds, Penetrating/*classification/complications,

9 OP:18321
Autor: Kelso, Janet
A top-level ontology of functions and its application in the Open Biomedical Ontologies. 20060728 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Biomedical Engineering/methods, Computational Biology/methods, *Database Management Systems, *Databases, Protein, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Models, Biological, *Natural Language Processing, Proteins/chemistry/*classification/*metabolism, Structure-Activity Relationship,

10 OP:18320
Autor: King, Ross D
An ontology of scientific experiments. 20061214 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Classification, Research/*classification,

11 OP:18319
Autor: Golbreich, Christine
Experience in reasoning with the foundational model of anatomy in OWL DL. 20061110 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology, Computer Simulation, Internet, Logic, *Models, Anatomic, Semantics,

12 OP:18318
Autor: Hongsermeier, Tonya
On implementing clinical decision support: achieving scalability and maintainability by combining business rules and ontologies. 20070122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Decision Making, Computer-Assisted, Decision Support Systems, Clinical, *Decision Support Techniques, *Practice Guidelines as Topic, Software, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

13 OP:18317
Autor: Cheung, Kei-Hoi
Using web ontology language to integrate heterogeneous databases in the neurosciences. 20070122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Programming Languages, Semantics, Systems Integration, *Vocabulary, Controlled, Computer Systems, *Databases as Topic, Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet, *Neurosciences, Pilot Projects,

14 OP:18316
Autor: Stevens, Robert
Understanding and using the meaning of statements in a bio-ontology: recasting the Gene Ontology in OWL. 20070309 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology/methods, Database Management Systems, *Databases, Genetic, *Genes, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Natural Language Processing, Phylogeny, *Programming Languages, Proteins/*classification, User-Computer Interface,

15 OP:18315
Autor: Musen, Mark A
OBO to OWL: a protege OWL tab to read/save OBO ontologies. 20070809 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Computational Biology/*methods, Computer Graphics, Computers, Database Management Systems, Databases, Genetic, Humans, Information Science, Information Storage and Retrieval, Programming Languages, Software, User-Computer Interface,

16 OP:18314
Autor: Breit, Timo M
A semantic web approach applied to integrative bioinformatics experimentation: a biological use case with genomics data. 20071120 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology/*methods, *Database Management Systems, *Databases, Genetic, Genomics/*methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, *Internet, *Natural Language Processing, Proteins/*chemistry/classification/metabolism, Research/methods, Systems Integration,

17 OP:18313
Autor: Rector, Alan L
What’s in a code? Towards a formal account of the relation of ontologies and coding systems. 20071003 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Classification, *Forms and Records Control, Logic, Medical Records Systems, Computerized, *Programming Languages, Software, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

18 OP:18312
Autor: Burgun, Anita
Integrating biological pathways in disease ontologies. 20071003 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Alzheimer Disease/classification/metabolism, Brain Neoplasms/classification/metabolism, Disease/*classification, Gene Expression, Glioma/classification/metabolism, *Knowledge Bases, *Metabolic Networks and Pathways, Programming Languages, Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

19 OP:18311
Autor: Ha, Young-Guk
A semantic inheritance/inverse-inheritance mechanism for systematic bio-ontology construction. 20071116 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, DNA/*genetics, *Databases, Genetic, *Hypermedia, Internet, Plasmids/genetics, Proteins/*genetics,

20 OP:18310
Autor: Baker, Christopher J O
Enhanced semantic access to the protein engineering literature using ontologies populated by text mining. 20071130 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computational Biology, Databases, Protein, Mutation, Natural Language Processing, *Protein Engineering, Publications, Semantics,

21 OP:18309
Autor: Bard, Jonathan
OBO Explorer: an editor for Open Biomedical Ontologies in OWL. 20080201 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Database Management Systems, *Databases, Genetic, Documentation/*methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Programming Languages, *Software, *User-Computer Interface,

22 OP:18308
Autor: Mironov, Vladimir
Representing the NCI Thesaurus in OWL DL: Modeling tools help modeling languages. 20090930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

23 OP:18307
Autor: Mironov, Vladimir
ONTO-PERL: an API for supporting the development and analysis of bio-ontologies. 20080314 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Algorithms, *Artificial Intelligence, *Database Management Systems, *Databases, Factual, *Natural Language Processing, *Software, *User-Computer Interface,

24 OP:18306
Autor: Boeker, Martin
The foundational model of anatomy in OWL: Experience and perspectives. 20090305 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

25 OP:18305
Autor: Boeker, Martin
The ontology of biological taxa. 20080630 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Algorithms, Animals, Classification/*methods, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Software, *Terminology as Topic,

26 OP:18304
Autor: Brinkley, James F
Querying non-materialized ontology views. 20080812 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Information Storage and Retrieval, Semantics, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

27 OP:18303
Autor: Martone, Maryann E
The NIFSTD and BIRNLex vocabularies: building comprehensive ontologies for neuroscience. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Academic Medical Centers/methods/trends, Animals, Biomedical Research/methods/trends, Computational Biology/*methods/trends, *Databases as Topic/organization & administration/standards/trends, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods/trends, Internet/organization & administration/trends, Meta-Analysis as Topic, Neuroanatomy/methods/trends, Neurosciences/*methods/trends, Programming Languages, Software/standards/trends, Terminology as Topic, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

28 OP:18302
Autor: Brinkley, James F
Regular paths in SparQL: querying the NCI Thesaurus. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Artificial Intelligence, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, Automated/*methods, *Semantics, *User-Computer Interface, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

29 OP:18301
Autor: Sakamoto, Norihiro
Ontology driven modeling for the knowledge of genetic susceptibility to disease. 20100917 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

30 OP:18300
Autor: Cui, Guang-zuo
[Concepts of ontology-based neuroinformatics and their relations] 20090420 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, Medical Informatics/*organization & administration, *Neurosciences,

31 OP:18299
Autor: Aronow, Bruce J
Inferring novel disease indications for known drugs by semantically linking drug action and disease mechanism relationships. 20090511 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Databases, Factual, *Drug Discovery, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval, Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic/*drug therapy, Tamoxifen/*pharmacology, Vocabulary, Controlled,

32 OP:18298
Autor: Musen, Mark A
BioPortal: ontologies and integrated data resources at the click of a mouse. 20090630 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Abstracting and Indexing as Topic, Biomedical Research, Internet, Natural Language Processing, *Software, Systems Integration, User-Computer Interface, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

33 OP:18297
Autor: Sakamoto, Norihiro
Ontology driven modeling for the knowledge of genetic susceptibility to disease. 20090724 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology, *Genetic Predisposition to Disease, Humans, Internet, Language, *Models, Genetic,

34 OP:18296
Autor: Cheung, Kei-Hoi
Entrez Neuron RDFa: a pragmatic semantic web application for data integration in neuroscience research. 20090911 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Biomedical Research, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, Information Systems, *Internet, *Neurosciences, *Semantics, Vocabulary, Controlled,

35 OP:18295
Autor: Nelson, Rex T
SSWAP: A Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol for semantic web services. 20091015 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Databases, Factual, Information Dissemination/*methods, Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet, *Semantics, *Software, User-Computer Interface,

36 OP:18294
Autor: Krauthammer, Michael
Semantic web data warehousing for caGrid. 20091002 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Databases, Protein, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Internet, Neoplasm Proteins/chemistry, Neoplasms/*metabolism, Semantics, Tumor Markers, Biological/chemistry, User-Computer Interface,

37 OP:18293
Autor: Adriaans, Pieter W
Structuring and extracting knowledge for the support of hypothesis generation in molecular biology. 20091002 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/methods, Databases, Factual, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, Internet, *Molecular Biology, PubMed, Software, Vocabulary, Controlled,

38 OP:18292
Autor: Baker, Nathan A
Ontologies for cancer nanotechnology research. 20091207 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Algorithms, Computers, Humans, Information Science, Internet, Medical Informatics/*methods, Medical Oncology/classification/standards, *Natural Language Processing, Neoplasms/*classification/*therapy, Software, Systems Integration, Terminology as Topic, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

39 OP:18291
Autor: Cheung, Kei-Hoi
Semantic SenseLab: Implementing the vision of the Semantic Web in neuroscience. 20100203 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Brain Mapping/*methods, Humans, *Information Dissemination, *Internet, Nerve Net, *Neurosciences, *Semantics, Translational Research,

40 OP:18290
Autor: Cannata, Nicola
NanoParticle Ontology for cancer nanotechnology research. 20100401 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

41 OP:18289
Autor: Cannata, Nicola
Combining ontologies and workflows to design formal protocols for biological laboratories. 20100518 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

42 OP:18288
Autor: Gessler, Damian Dg
Applications and methods utilizing the Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol (SSWAP) for bioinformatics resource discovery and disparate data and service integration. 20100701 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

43 OP:18287
Autor: He, Yongqun
OntoFox: web-based support for ontology reuse. 20100729 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

44 OP:18286
Autor: Major, Francois
RKB: a Semantic Web knowledge base for RNA. 20100714 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

45 OP:18285
Autor: Stenzhorn, Holger
Establishing a distributed system for the simple representation and integration of diverse scientific assertions. 20100714 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

46 OP:18284
Autor: Shotton, David
CiTO, the Citation Typing Ontology. 20100714 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

47 OP:18283
Autor: Wilkinson, Mark D
OWL2Perl: creating Perl modules from OWL class definitions. 20100908 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, Programming Languages, Semantics, *Software,

48 OP:18282
Autor: Becich, Michael J
The tissue microarray OWL schema: An open-source tool for sharing tissue microarray data. 20100831 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

49 OP:18281
Autor: Herre, Heinrich
Relations as patterns: bridging the gap between OBO and OWL. 20100921 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

50 OP:18280
Autor: Das, Amar
Semantic reasoning with XML-based biomedical information models. 20100915 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

51 OP:18279
Autor: Cottingham, Robert W
Next generation models for storage and representation of microbial biological annotation. 20101015 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

52 OP:18278
Autor: 0
Integrating reasoning and clinical archetypes using OWL ontologies and SWRL rules. 20101201 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

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