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47 articulos de PUBMED que contienen el termino Twitter

Novedades 3-Dic-2010 8:58:47

1 OP:8106
Autor: 0
Pandemics in the Age of Twitter: Content Analysis of Tweets during the 2009 H1N1 Outbreak. 20101202 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

2 OP:8107
Autor: Goncz, Chilla E
Use of blogs by pharmacists. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

3 OP:8108
Autor: Goncz, Chilla E
Twitter: #EBMTerms. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

4 OP:8109
Autor: Goncz, Chilla E
Twitter: #EBMTerms. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

5 OP:8110
Autor: Goncz, Chilla E
Twitter: #EBMTerms. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

6 OP:8111
Autor: Goncz, Chilla E
Twitter: #EBMTerms. 20101124 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

7 OP:8112
Autor: Carpendale, Sheelagh
A visual backchannel for large-scale events. 20101026 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

8 OP:8113
Autor: Scharff, Constance
Twitter evolution: converging mechanisms in birdsong and human speech. 20101020 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Brain/anatomy & histology/physiology, *Evolution, Forkhead Transcription Factors/genetics/metabolism, Humans, *Language Development, Learning/physiology, Neuronal Plasticity/physiology, Songbirds/*physiology, Speech/*physiology, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

9 OP:8114
Autor: Pattillo, Robin
Are you using Twitter for your next survey? 20100823 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

10 OP:8115
Autor: Orsini, Merrily
Meet the Web 2010: interactive and informative. 20100720 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Consumer Satisfaction, *Home Care Agencies, *Internet, Marketing of Health Services/*organization & administration, United States, *User-Computer Interface,

11 OP:8116
Autor: Chretien, Katherine C
All a-Twitter about chemistry. 20100623 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Chemistry, *Computer Communication Networks,

12 OP:8117
Autor: Burger, Christoph
Let’s go formative: continuous student ratings with Web 2.0 application Twitter. 20100609 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Educational Measurement/*methods, Female, Humans, *Internet, Male, Program Evaluation/*methods, Questionnaires, Students, Teaching/methods,

13 OP:8118
Autor: Bristol, Tim J
Twitter: consider the possibilities for continuing nursing education. 20100520 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, Nursing, Continuing, Humans, *Internet, Privacy, *User-Computer Interface,

14 OP:8119
Autor: Larson, Elaine L
Dissemination of health information through social networks: twitter and antibiotics. 20100329 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Benchmarking/*organization & administration, Diffusion of Innovation, Great Britain, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration, *Interprofessional Relations, *Social Support, State Medicine/*organization & administration, Anti-Bacterial Agents/*therapeutic use, *Drug Resistance, Bacterial, *Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, *Social Support,

15 OP:8120
Autor: Torii, Keiko U
Plant twitter: ligands under 140 amino acids enforcing stomatal patterning. 20100423 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Societies, Medical, Tennessee, Amino Acid Sequence, Amino Acids/*analysis/metabolism, Arabidopsis/metabolism, Body Patterning, Ligands, Molecular Sequence Data, Plant Proteins/*chemistry/genetics/*metabolism, Plant Stomata/*embryology,

16 OP:8121
Autor: Martens, Eric
Twitter for scientists. 20100219 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Data Collection, Female, Hospital Departments, Humans, Internet/*utilization, Male, Middle Aged, *Orthopedics, *Patients, *Social Support, Socioeconomic Factors, *Upper Extremity, Young Adult, Humans, *Internet, Interpersonal Relations, Pharmacists/*organization & administration, Social Behavior, *Social Support, *Biological Science Disciplines, *Chemistry, Search Engine/*trends/*utilization,

17 OP:8122
Autor: Reisman, Miriam
Will pharma twitter? 20100208 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, *Adolescent Behavior, Age Factors, Aggression, Child, Female, *Health Behavior, Humans, *Internet/statistics & numerical data/utilization, *Interpersonal Relations, Male, Parent-Child Relations, Risk-Taking, Safety, Sex Factors, *Social Support, Socioeconomic Factors, Treatment Outcome,

18 OP:8123
Autor: Coffsky, Jay
Twitter, the lost years and the geeks. 20100205 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Attitude to Computers, *Culture, Humans, Internet/*trends, *Knowledge, Terminology as Topic, *User-Computer Interface,

19 OP:8124
Autor: Caldwell, Christine A
Neighbor effects in marmosets: social contagion of agonism and affiliation in captive Callithrix jacchus. 20100430 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Agonistic Behavior, Animals, *Behavior, Animal, *Callithrix, Cooperative Behavior, Female, Group Processes, *Imitative Behavior, Male, Mass Behavior, *Social Behavior, Vocalization, Animal,

20 OP:8125
Autor: Thames, Gina
Twitter as an educational tool. 20091125 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

21 OP:8126
Autor: Bonetta, Laura
Should you be tweeting? 20091102 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Biology, Journalism, Medical/standards, Periodicals as Topic, Technology/*trends,

22 OP:8127
Autor: Bonetta, Laura
Let’s Go Formative: Continuous Student Ratings with Web 2.0 Application Twitter. 20091020 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

23 OP:8128
Autor: van den Broek, W W
[The journal on Twitter] 20091012 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Psychiatry/*trends,

24 OP:8129
Autor: Hamilton, John A
It’s Twitter time. 20090921 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Advertising as Topic/methods, *Cellular Phone, Costs and Cost Analysis/methods, Data Collection/methods, *Internet, Public Health/*methods, *Social Marketing, *Communication, *Health Personnel, Humans, Internet/*utilization, United States,

25 OP:8130
Autor: Bush, Haydn
Time to tweet? 20090717 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Communication, Hospital Administration/*methods, Humans, *Internet, *Public Relations, Surgical Procedures, Operative,

26 OP:8131
Autor: Weissmann, Gerald
Walter Benjamin and Biz Stone: the scientific paper in the Age of Twitter. 20090701 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
History, 20th Century, History, 21st Century, Internet/history/*trends, Publishing/history/*trends,

27 OP:8132
Autor: von Merten, Sophie
Why do shrews twitter? Communication or simple echo-based orientation. 20090914 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, *Echolocation, Ecosystem, Shrews/*physiology, *Vocalization, Animal,

28 OP:8133
Autor: Gamble, Kate Huvane
Just a tweet away. 20090611 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Electronic Mail, *Hospital Administration, *Hospital Information Systems, Humans, *Internet, Planning Techniques, *Social Marketing, United States,

29 OP:8134
Autor: Williams, Nigel
High-level twitter. 20090519 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Africa, Southern, Animals, Appetitive Behavior/physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, Orientation/*physiology, Passeriformes/*physiology, *Vocalization, Animal,

30 OP:8135
Autor: Eysenbach, Gunther
Infodemiology and infoveillance: framework for an emerging set of public health informatics methods to analyze search, communication and publication behavior on the Internet. 20090330 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Concept Formation, Humans, Influenza, Human/epidemiology, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, *Internet, Medical Informatics/methods, Periodicals as Topic, Public Health Informatics/*methods, Publications, Publishing/*trends, United States/epidemiology, Communications Media,

31 OP:8136
Autor: Rochefort, Christelle
[The FoxP2 gene makes humans speak and birds twitter] 20081128 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Dermatology, Humans, Information Dissemination/*methods, *Internet, *Marketing of Health Services, *Public Health, Adult, Animals, Birds/genetics/physiology, Forkhead Transcription Factors/*genetics, Humans, *Language, Speech/*physiology, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

32 OP:8137
Autor: Rogers, L J
Contact calls of common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus): influence of age of caller on antiphonal calling and other vocal responses. 20081225 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Age Factors, Analysis of Variance, Animals, Callithrix/*physiology, Female, Male, Sex Factors, *Social Behavior, Sound Spectrography, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

33 OP:8138
Autor: Kuniyoshi, K
Intra-operative natural sound decreases salivary amylase activity of patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair under epidural anesthesia. 20080815 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation/methods/*psychology, Adaptation, Psychological/physiology, Aged, Amylases/*metabolism, Anesthesia, Epidural/*methods, Anesthetics, Local/administration & dosage, Anti-Anxiety Agents/administration & dosage, Blood Pressure, Diazepam/administration & dosage, Female, Heart Rate, Hernia, Inguinal/psychology/*surgery, Humans, Intraoperative Care/methods/*psychology, Lidocaine/administration & dosage, Male, Middle Aged, Monitoring, Intraoperative/methods, Saliva/*metabolism, Sound, Stress, Psychological/etiology/psychology/therapy, Wind,

34 OP:8139
Autor: Skiba, Diane J
Nursing education 2.0: Twitter & tweets. Can you post a nugget of knowledge in 140 characters or less? 20080507 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, Nursing, Humans, *Internet, *Interprofessional Relations, Teaching/*methods, United States,

35 OP:8140
Autor: Hackett, Troy A
Coding of FM sweep trains and twitter calls in area CM of marmoset auditory cortex. 20080428 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation, Animals, Auditory Cortex/anatomy & histology/pathology/*physiology, *Auditory Pathways, Auditory Perception, Brain Mapping, Callithrix, Evoked Potentials, Auditory, Learning, Models, Statistical, Neurons/metabolism, Sound, Sound Localization, Time Factors, Vocalization, Animal,

36 OP:8141
Autor: Schnupp, Jan W H
Linking cortical spike pattern codes to auditory perception. 20080215 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation, Animals, Attention/physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, *Brain Mapping, Cerebral Cortex/*physiology, Discrimination (Psychology)/*physiology, Evoked Potentials, Auditory/*physiology, Humans, Models, Neurological, Psychometrics, Reference Values,

37 OP:8142
Autor: Schreiner, Christoph E
Frequency-modulation encoding in the primary auditory cortex of the awake owl monkey. 20071011 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation, Algorithms, Animals, Aotidae, Auditory Cortex/cytology/*physiology, Auditory Perception/physiology, Electrodes, Implanted, Linear Models, Neurons/physiology, Normal Distribution, Pitch Perception/physiology, Vocalization, Animal,

38 OP:8143
Autor: Ahmed, Bashir
Plasticity of temporal pattern codes for vocalization stimuli in primary auditory cortex. 20060504 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation/methods, Action Potentials/physiology/radiation effects, Animals, Auditory Cortex/*cytology/*physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, Behavior, Animal, Callithrix, Evoked Potentials, Auditory/physiology, Ferrets, Neuronal Plasticity/*physiology, Neurons/classification/*physiology, Sound Spectrography/methods, Species Specificity, Time Factors, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

39 OP:8144
Autor: Cheung, Steven W
Functional organization of squirrel monkey primary auditory cortex: responses to frequency-modulation sweeps. 20050802 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation/methods, Animals, Auditory Cortex/*anatomy & histology/*physiology, Auditory Pathways/anatomy & histology/physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, Brain Mapping, Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation, Male, Saimiri/*physiology, Time Factors, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

40 OP:8145
Autor: Wong, Andrew
Plasticity in primary auditory cortex of monkeys with altered vocal production. 20050310 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation/*methods, Animals, Auditory Cortex/*physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, Callithrix, Learning/physiology, Neuronal Plasticity/*physiology, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

41 OP:8146
Autor: Tajiri, Akio
Synthesis, stabilities, and redox behavior of Di(1-azulenyl)(6-azulenyl)methylium hexafluorophosphates. Generation of a donor-acceptor-substituted neutral radical by azulenes. 20031205 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

42 OP:8147
Autor: Montequin, Douglas
Laryngeal biomechanics and vocal communication in the squirrel monkey (Saimiri boliviensis). 20030421 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Biomechanics, Female, Humans, Larynx/*physiology, Male, Phonation, Phonetics, Saimiri, Sound Spectrography, Species Specificity, Speech Acoustics, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

43 OP:8148
Autor: Merzenich, Michael M
Representation of spectral and temporal envelope of twitter vocalizations in common marmoset primary auditory cortex. 20020403 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation/methods, Animals, Artifacts, Auditory Cortex/*physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, *Brain Mapping, Callithrix/*physiology, Electrophysiology, Sound, Time Perception/*physiology, *Vocalization, Animal,

44 OP:8149
Autor: Kadia, S C
Differential representation of species-specific primate vocalizations in the auditory cortices of marmoset and cat. 20011107 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Auditory Cortex/cytology/*physiology, Callithrix/*physiology, Cats/*physiology, Neurons, Afferent/physiology, Primates/*physiology, Species Specificity, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

45 OP:8150
Autor: Grimminger, F
Assessment of intestinal tissue oxygenation: the canary sings–but was does the twitter tell us? 20010112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Carbon Dioxide/*blood, Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage/blood/*physiopathology, Humans, Intestinal Mucosa/blood supply/*metabolism, Ischemia/diagnosis/*metabolism, *Manometry, Partial Pressure, Rats, Sensitivity and Specificity,

46 OP:8151
Autor: Bieser, A
Processing of twitter-call fundamental frequencies in insula and auditory cortex of squirrel monkeys. 19981229 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Acoustic Stimulation, Animals, Auditory Cortex/*physiology, Auditory Pathways/physiology, Auditory Perception/*physiology, Calibration, Excitatory Postsynaptic Potentials/physiology, Fourier Analysis, Generalization, Stimulus/physiology, Microelectrodes, Saimiri, Vocalization, Animal/*physiology,

47 OP:8152
Autor: Miczek, K A
Dissociation of consummatory and vocal components of feeding in squirrel monkeys treated with benzodiazepines and alcohol. 19981209 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Benzodiazepines/*pharmacology, Benzodiazepinones/pharmacology, Chlordiazepoxide/pharmacology, Conditioning, Classical/drug effects, Consummatory Behavior/*drug effects, Ethanol/*pharmacology, Feeding Behavior/*drug effects, Flumazenil/pharmacology, Saimiri, Social Behavior, Vocalization, Animal/*drug effects,



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