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187 articulos de PUBMED que contienen el termino Web 2.0

Novedades 3-Dic-2010 9:08:25

1 OP:8155
Autor: Vognild, Lars K
dictyBase update 2011: web 2.0 functionality and the initial steps towards a genome portal for the Amoebozoa. 20101119 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

2 OP:8156
Autor: Vognild, Lars K
Self-Reported Information Needs of Anesthesia Residency Applicants and Analysis of Applicant-Related Website Resources at 131 United States Training Programs. 20101117 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

3 OP:8157
Autor: Vognild, Lars K
The World of e-Patients: A Content Analysis of Online Social Networks Focusing on Diseases. 20101112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

4 OP:8158
Autor: Vognild, Lars K
Toward a knowledge infrastructure for traits-based ecological risk assessment. 20101103 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

5 OP:8159
Autor: Vognild, Lars K
[Information resources in medicine: present and future trends.] 20101130 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

6 OP:8160
Autor: Lockyer, Lesley
Nursing and healthcare students’ experiences and use of e-learning in higher education. 20101115 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

7 OP:8161
Autor: Hyder, Adnan A
Web 2.0 and internet social networking: a new tool for disaster management?–lessons from Taiwan. 20101019 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

8 OP:8162
Autor: Lee, Brian K
Epidemiologic research and Web 2.0–the user-driven Web. 20101006 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

9 OP:8163
Autor: Kubben, Pieter L
What every neurosurgeon should know about the Web 2.0. 20100930 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

10 OP:8164
Autor: Brigden, David
Developing professionalism through the use of wikis: A study with first-year undergraduate medical students. 20100921 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

11 OP:8165
Autor: Mahapatra, Anirban
Researchers in a brave new web 2.0 world. 20100920 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

12 OP:8166
Autor: Mahapatra, Anirban
[Contributions to the development of a public health information system SESPAS Report 2010.] 20101130 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

13 OP:8167
Autor: Yooseph, Shibu
METAREP: JCVI metagenomics reports–an open source tool for high-performance comparative metagenomics. 20101008 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

14 OP:8168
Autor: Wilson, Nick
Connecting world youth with tobacco brands: YouTube and the internet policy vacuum on Web 2.0. 20100929 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

15 OP:8169
Autor: Buxton, Margaret
Web 2.0: easy tools for busy clinicians. 20100824 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

16 OP:8170
Autor: Pozuelo, Paz Martin
Integrating the hospital library with patient care, teaching and research: model and Web 2.0 tools to create a social and collaborative community of clinical research in a hospital setting. 20100817 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

17 OP:8171
Autor: Kaufman, N
Internet and information technology use in treatment of diabetes. 20100409 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Diabetes Mellitus/*therapy, Humans, *Internet, *Patient Education as Topic,

18 OP:8172
Autor: Watson, Alice J
Recruiting subjects for research studies in the era of Web 2.0. 20100816 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, Biomedical Research/*methods/trends, Cost Savings, Female, Forecasting, Humans, Internet/economics/*utilization, Male, *Patient Selection, United States, Young Adult,

19 OP:8173
Autor: Ginn, Stephen
Evidence based mental health and Web 2.0. 20100804 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Blogging, Evidence-Based Medicine/*trends, *Internet, Publishing/*trends, Webcasts as Topic,

20 OP:8174
Autor: Asgari-Targhi, Marzieh
Adoption and use of Web 2.0 in scholarly communications. 20100803 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

21 OP:8175
Autor: Fulton, Stephanie
Collaborating and delivering literature search results to clinical teams using web 2.0 tools. 20100802 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

22 OP:8176
Autor: Treutwein, Marius
Web 2.0 and medical physics. 20100913 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Blogging/trends, *Education, Health Physics/*education, Physics/*education,

23 OP:8177
Autor: Treutwein, Marius
Wikipedia as an evidence source for nursing and healthcare students. 20100721 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

24 OP:8178
Autor: Macario, Alex
Learning management systems and lecture capture in the medical academic environment. 20100709 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Anesthesiology/education, Education, Medical, Graduate/*methods, Educational Technology/*methods, Humans, *Internet, Internship and Residency, Learning, Teaching/methods,

25 OP:8179
Autor: Macario, Alex
A ‘visual-centred’ mapping approach for improving access to Web 2.0 for people with visual impairments. 20100625 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

26 OP:8180
Autor: Yang, Stephen J H
Applying DNA computation to intractable problems in social network analysis. 20100823 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

27 OP:8181
Autor: Yang, Stephen J H
Web 2.0 and social software: the medical student way of e-learning. 20100621 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

28 OP:8182
Autor: Correia, Manuel E
Patient empowerment by the means of citizen-managed Electronic Health Records: web 2.0 health digital identity scenarios. 20100614 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Access to Information, Confidentiality, Electronic Health Records/*organization & administration, Humans, Internet, *Patient Participation, Portugal, *Power (Psychology), Software,

29 OP:8183
Autor: Schoonhoven, Lisette
Definition of Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: a systematic review. 20100614 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Search Engine, Terminology as Topic, *Community Networks, *Consumer Participation/trends, Data Mining, *Databases as Topic/trends, Delivery of Health Care/*trends, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval, *Internet/trends, Medical Informatics/*methods/trends, *Online Systems/trends, Patient Education as Topic, PubMed,

30 OP:8184
Autor: Leather, Andy
An international, case-based, distance-learning collaboration between the UK and Somaliland using a real-time clinical education website. 20100531 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Educational Measurement/*methods, Female, Humans, *Internet, Male, Program Evaluation/*methods, Questionnaires, Students, Teaching/methods,

31 OP:8185
Autor: Bertero, Carina
Patient and parent views on a Web 2.0 Diabetes Portal–the management tool, the generator, and the gatekeeper: qualitative study. 20100531 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adult, Child, Communication, Computer Security, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1/*therapy, Family, Female, *Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval, *Internet, Male, Middle Aged, *Online Systems, Parents, Reminder Systems, Self Care/*methods, Social Support, User-Computer Interface,

32 OP:8186
Autor: Cain, Jeff
Authors disagree with characterization of web 2.0 article. 20100525 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Education, Pharmacy/*methods, *Encyclopedias as Topic, Fear, Humans, *Internet, Periodicals as Topic,

33 OP:8187
Autor: Nicolls, Barbara
e-Support4U: An evaluation of academic writing skills support in practice. 20101011 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

34 OP:8188
Autor: Webster, Angela C
How to get the most from the medical literature: keeping up to date in nephrology. 20100517 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Databases, Bibliographic, *Databases, Factual, *Education, Medical, Continuing, Humans, *Information Dissemination, *Information Management, Internet, Nephrology/*education, Periodicals as Topic, Practice Guidelines as Topic, Software, User-Computer Interface,

35 OP:8189
Autor: Tian, Yan
Organ donation on Web 2.0: content and audience analysis of organ donation videos on YouTube. 20100512 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Attitude to Health, Consumer Health Information/*methods, Humans, *Internet, Perception, *Tissue and Organ Procurement, *Videotape Recording, World Health,

36 OP:8190
Autor: Trevanion, Stephen
Using caching and optimization techniques to improve performance of the Ensembl website. 20100616 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Databases, Factual, Genome, *Internet, Software, User-Computer Interface,

37 OP:8191
Autor: Parham, Lindsay
The impact of web 2.0 on the doctor-patient relationship. 20100507 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Diabetes Mellitus/therapy, *Health Records, Personal, *Health Services Accessibility, Humans, Information Services, *Internet, Male, Middle Aged, Patient Participation, *Physician-Patient Relations, Quality of Health Care, Self Care, Social Support, United States,

38 OP:8192
Autor: Griffin, Ann
Good Medical Practice: what are we trying to say? Textual analysis using tag clouds. 20100506 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Automatic Data Processing/*methods, Great Britain, Humans, *Patient-Centered Care, *Practice Guidelines as Topic, Professional Practice/*standards,

39 OP:8193
Autor: Javorka, V
The WEB 2.0 induced paradigm shift in the e-learning and the role of crowdsourcing in dental education. 20100504 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computer-Assisted Instruction, *Education, Dental, *Internet, *Learning,

40 OP:8194
Autor: Ludvigsson, Johnny
Web 2.0 systems supporting childhood chronic disease management: design guidelines based on information behaviour and social learning theories. 20100503 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adolescent Behavior, Chronic Disease, Communication, Consumer Health Information/methods, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1/*psychology/*therapy, Disease Management, Humans, *Internet, *Learning, Models, Psychological, *Psychological Theory, Social Support,

41 OP:8195
Autor: Coccia, Paolo
How the new web generations are changing library and information services. 20100430 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Diffusion of Innovation, *Internet, Library Services/*organization & administration,

42 OP:8196
Autor: Pulman, Andy
A patient centred framework for improving LTC quality of life through Web 2.0 technology. 20100423 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

43 OP:8197
Autor: Abbott, Robert
Delivering quality-evaluated healthcare information in the era of Web 2.0: design implications for Intute: Health and Life Sciences. 20100423 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

44 OP:8198
Autor: Landau, Rebecca
Solo librarian and outreach to hospital staff using Web 2.0 technologies. 20100414 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Information Storage and Retrieval, *Librarians, *Medical Staff, Hospital, Pennsylvania, Professional Role, Search Engine,

45 OP:8199
Autor: Shotton, David
OpenFlyData: an exemplar data web integrating gene expression data on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. 20100906 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

46 OP:8200
Autor: Kitano, Hiroaki
Payao: a community platform for SBML pathway model curation. 20100510 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/*methods, Databases, Factual, Gene Regulatory Networks, Information Storage and Retrieval, *Software, *Systems Biology, User-Computer Interface,

47 OP:8201
Autor: Szarek, John L
Tag this article! Today’s learners and the use of Web 2.0 in teaching. 20100406 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Education, Medical/*methods, *Health Occupations, Humans, Internet/*utilization, *Students, Medical, Teaching/*methods,

48 OP:8202
Autor: Maude, Phil
Wiki use in mental health practice: recognizing potential use of collaborative technology. 20100406 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Cooperative Behavior, Health Care Sector/*trends, Humans, Internet/*trends, *Mental Health, *Practice (Psychology),

49 OP:8203
Autor: Andrews, Philip C collaborative annotation and project management resource integrated with the Tranche repository. 20100816 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

50 OP:8204
Autor: Wheeler, Steve
Social Web mining and exploitation for serious applications: Technosocial Predictive Analytics and related technologies for public health, environmental and national security surveillance. 20100827 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

51 OP:8205
Autor: Fregni, Felipe
An innovative method of global clinical research training using collaborative learning with Web 2.0 tools. 20100311 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

52 OP:8206
Autor: Adams, Samantha A
Revisiting the online health information reliability debate in the wake of “web 2.0”: an inter-disciplinary literature and website review. 20100503 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Consumer Health Information/*standards, Humans, *Internet, Medical Informatics/*trends, *Medical Records Systems, Computerized,

53 OP:8207
Autor: Dubinsky, Ellen K
Integration of Web 2.0 technologies in the translational research environment. 20100225 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Software, *Translational Research,

54 OP:8208
Autor: Wood, Anya
Using emerging technologies to enhance learning. 20100409 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computers, Handheld, Education, Distance/*methods, Humans, Inservice Training/*methods, *Internet, Nursing Staff, Hospital/*education, Ontario, User-Computer Interface, Video Games, Webcasts as Topic,

55 OP:8209
Autor: Juzwishin, Donald W M
Political, policy and social barriers to health system interoperability: emerging opportunities of Web 2.0 and 3.0. 20100219 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Canada, Delivery of Health Care/*organization & administration, Health Care Reform, *Health Policy, *Politics, *Social Control, Informal, *Software, *Systems Integration,

56 OP:8210
Autor: Baxter, Robert
Exponential growth using the internet and your web site. 20100201 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Advertising as Topic/methods, Humans, Information Dissemination/*methods, *Information Seeking Behavior, *Internet, *Marketing of Health Services, Practice Management, Medical/*trends,

57 OP:8211
Autor: Macario, Alex
Anesthesia 2.0: internet-based information resources and Web 2.0 applications in anesthesia education. 20100420 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Anesthesiology/*education, Blogging, Communications Media, Computer Simulation, *Information Dissemination, Internet/*trends, Software,

58 OP:8212
Autor: Ratka, Janice Rovira
Journey to Oz: the yellow brick road to a blended learning environment. 20091218 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Attitude to Computers, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Education, Distance/*organization & administration, Education, Nursing/*organization & administration, Humans, Internet, Staff Development/organization & administration,

59 OP:8213
Autor: Haigh, Carol
Legality, the Web and nurse educators. 20100713 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer-Assisted Instruction/*legislation & jurisprudence, Copyright/*legislation & jurisprudence, Education, Nursing, Baccalaureate/legislation & jurisprudence, Education, Nursing, Graduate/legislation & jurisprudence, Employment/legislation & jurisprudence, Faculty, Nursing/*organization & administration, Great Britain, Humans, Internet/*legislation & jurisprudence, *Liability, Legal, Ownership/legislation & jurisprudence, Risk Management/organization & administration,

60 OP:8214
Autor: Lu, Hui
Visual annotation of the gene database. 20091207 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computational Biology/instrumentation/*methods, *Computer Graphics, Database Management Systems, *Databases, Genetic, Genome, Genomics/methods, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, Natural Language Processing, Proteome, Proteomics/methods, Software, User-Computer Interface, Vocabulary, Controlled,

61 OP:8215
Autor: Fox, Brent I
Web 2.0 and pharmacy education. 20091204 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Blogging, Communication, *Computer-Assisted Instruction, Curriculum, *Education, Pharmacy, Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, Learning, Social Support, *Students, Pharmacy, Video Games, Video Recording, Webcasts as Topic,

62 OP:8216
Autor: Russell, Judith
Web 2.0 technology: how is it impacting your employer brand? 20091120 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Economic Recession, *Internet, *Social Support,

63 OP:8217
Autor: Giustini, Dean M
Pathology in the era of Web 2.0. 20091120 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Education, Continuing, Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Laboratory Techniques and Procedures, Medical Informatics/*methods, Pathology/education/*methods, Search Engine, Telemedicine,

64 OP:8218
Autor: Wick, Mark R
Reflections on pathology and “Web 2.0”. 20091120 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Medical Informatics/*methods, Pathology/education/*methods, Publishing, Search Engine, Telemedicine,

65 OP:8219
Autor: Nambisan, Satish
Models of consumer value cocreation in health care. 20091027 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer Communication Networks/organization & administration, *Consumer Participation, *Consumer Satisfaction, Delivery of Health Care/*organization & administration, Humans, *Models, Organizational, Organizational Innovation, United States,

66 OP:8220
Autor: Nambisan, Satish
Gateway secures Web 2.0 initiative. Concerned about malware and other security issues, Health First settled on a solution that allows IT to set granular, flexible internet usage policies for devices, as well as specific users and groups. 20091027 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computer Security, Florida, Hospital Information Systems/*organization & administration, *Internet, Organizational Case Studies, *Organizational Policy,

67 OP:8221
Autor: Prince, J Dale
Teaching Web 2.0 technologies using Web 2.0 technologies. 20091023 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Teaching, Teaching Materials, Blogging, Educational Technology, *Internet, Librarians, Library Science/education,

68 OP:8222
Autor: Allison, Malorye
Can web 2.0 reboot clinical trials? 20091009 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Clinical Trials as Topic/*methods, *Community Networks, Electronic Health Records, Health Records, Personal, Humans, *Internet, Patient Advocacy, Patient Selection, Patients, *Social Support, User-Computer Interface,

69 OP:8223
Autor: Kee, Changwon
Medical education in Korea: the e-learning consortium. 20091008 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

70 OP:8224
Autor: Weissleder, Ralph
Enhancing navigation in biomedical databases by community voting and database-driven text classification. 20091028 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Classification, Computational Biology/*methods, *Databases, Factual, *Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet,

71 OP:8225
Autor: Jalali, Alireza
The utility of podcasts in Web 2.0 human anatomy. 20091030 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Anatomy/*education, Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods, Education, Medical, Undergraduate/*methods/standards, Humans, Ontario, Webcasts as Topic/*standards,

72 OP:8226
Autor: Kind, Terry
Online posting of unprofessional content by medical students. 20090923 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Aged, Alcoholic Intoxication/epidemiology, Confidentiality, Female, Humans, *Internet, Male, Middle Aged, Policy Making, *Public Policy, Questionnaires, Schools, Medical/*statistics & numerical data, Sex Offenses/statistics & numerical data, Students, Medical/*statistics & numerical data, Substance-Related Disorders/epidemiology, United States/epidemiology,

73 OP:8227
Autor: Charlin, Bernard
[Changing the teaching of neurosurgery with information technology] 20091005 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computer-Assisted Instruction, *Education, Distance/methods/organization & administration/trends, Education, Medical, Continuing, *Educational Technology, France, Humans, *Internet, Models, Educational, Neurosurgery/*education, Neurosurgical Procedures/*education, Teaching/*methods, User-Computer Interface,

74 OP:8228
Autor: Muller, Henning
Combination of visual and textual similarity retrieval from medical documents. 20090911 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Audiovisual Aids, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, Medical Informatics/*organization & administration, *User-Computer Interface,

75 OP:8229
Autor: Bamidis, Panagiotis D
The use of open source and Web2.0 in developing an integrated EHR and e-learning system for the Greek Smoking Cessation Network. 20090911 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Greece, Humans, *Internet, *Medical Records Systems, Computerized, *Smoking Cessation, *Systems Integration,

76 OP:8230
Autor: Sem, Idunn
Web-based resources for peer support – opportunities and challenges. 20090911 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Education, Humans, *Information Services, *Internet, *Peer Group, *Self-Help Groups,

77 OP:8231
Autor: Grajales, Francisco J 3rd
An analysis of personal medical information disclosed in YouTube videos created by patients with multiple sclerosis. 20090911 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Multiple Sclerosis/*drug therapy, *Truth Disclosure,

78 OP:8232
Autor: Finley, G Allen
Knowledge sharing for pediatric pain management via a Web 2.0 framework. 20090911 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, *Information Dissemination, *Internet, Pain/*drug therapy, *Pediatrics,

79 OP:8233
Autor: Jeunehomme, Marie
[Legal aspects of Web 2.0 in the health field] 20091005 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Advertising as Topic/legislation & jurisprudence, Ethics, Medical, France, Humans, Information Dissemination/*legislation & jurisprudence, Internet/*legislation & jurisprudence, *Liability, Legal, Medical Informatics/*legislation & jurisprudence, Patient Education as Topic/*legislation & jurisprudence, Quality of Health Care/legislation & jurisprudence,

80 OP:8234
Autor: Silber, Denise
[Medicine 2.0: the stakes of participatory medicine] 20091005 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Attitude of Health Personnel, France, *Health Education/methods/trends, Humans, *Internet, *Medical Informatics/methods/trends, Medical Records Systems, Computerized/organization & administration/tr, *Patient Education as Topic/methods/trends, *Patient Participation/methods/trends, *Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Health Care, Telemedicine,

81 OP:8235
Autor: Thal, S C
[Anesthesia and World Wide Web 2.0. Instructions for use] 20090929 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Anesthesia, *Anesthesiology/education, Databases, Bibliographic, Education, Medical, Continuing, Information Dissemination, *Internet, Webcasts as Topic,

82 OP:8236
Autor: Kind, Terry
The Internet as an adjunct for pediatric primary care. 20091120 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Child, Computer-Assisted Instruction/methods, Health Education/*methods, Health Promotion/*methods, Humans, *Internet, Parents, Patient Education as Topic/methods, Pediatrics/*methods, Primary Health Care/*methods,

83 OP:8237
Autor: Bartoletti, Robin
Wikis and blogs: tools for online interaction. 20090903 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Blogging, *Education, Nursing, *Faculty, Nursing, Humans, *Internet, *Learning, Models, Educational,

84 OP:8238
Autor: Schnitter, Claude
[The future of electronic biomedical journals] 20091005 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Access to Information, Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Journalism, Medical, Periodicals as Topic/economics/*trends, Research/standards,

85 OP:8239
Autor: Torrent, Joan
Opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 within the health care systems: an empirical exploration. 20090811 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Communication, Consumer Health Information, Delivery of Health Care/*methods, *Health Personnel, Humans, *Internet, *Patients, Questionnaires, Self-Help Groups, Socioeconomic Factors,

86 OP:8240
Autor: Jadad, Alejandro R
Measuring the impact of a moving target: towards a dynamic framework for evaluating collaborative adaptive interactive technologies. 20090727 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adaptation, Psychological/*physiology, Cognition, Computer User Training, Humans, Identification (Psychology), Internet, Interpersonal Relations, *Social Behavior, Technology/trends,

87 OP:8241
Autor: Keelan, Jennifer
A survey of health-related activities on second life. 20090727 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Health Behavior, *Health Surveys, Humans, Internet, Medical Informatics, *Patient Education as Topic, Quality Assurance, Health Care, Questionnaires, Research/trends, *Social Behavior, User-Computer Interface,

88 OP:8242
Autor: Yonekura, Yuki
When and why do people post questions about health and illness on Web 2.0-based Q&A sites in Japan. 20090713 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet/*utilization, Japan, *Patient Education as Topic,

89 OP:8243
Autor: Warren, Judith J
Creating experiential learning activities using Web 2.0 tools and technologies: a case study. 20090713 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Education, Nursing, Humans, *Internet, Kansas, Organizational Case Studies, *Problem-Based Learning, Schools, Nursing, *Software,

90 OP:8244
Autor: Barton, Amy J
Using social software to transform informatics education. 20090713 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, Nursing Informatics/*education, *Software,

91 OP:8245
Autor: Russell, Erin
WAI-ARIA live regions and channels: ReefChat as a case example. 20090630 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Access to Information, *Disabled Persons, Humans, *Internet, Software, *User-Computer Interface,

92 OP:8246
Autor: Mun, Seong K
Software architecture and engineering for patient records: current and future. 20090630 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computer Systems, Electronic Health Records/*organization & administration, Hospital Information Systems/*organization & administration, Humans, Military Medicine/*organization & administration, Military Personnel, Software, *Software Design, United States,

93 OP:8247
Autor: McFarlane, Mary
Web 2.0 and beyond: risks for sexually transmitted infections and opportunities for prevention. 20090617 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Behavior Control/*methods, *Databases, Factual, Humans, *Internet, *Sexual Behavior, Sexually Transmitted Diseases/*prevention & control/*transmission,

94 OP:8248
Autor: Wareham, Jonathan
Junior physician’s use of Web 2.0 for information seeking and medical education: a qualitative study. 20090824 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Electronic Mail, *Hospital Administration, *Hospital Information Systems, Humans, *Internet, Planning Techniques, *Social Marketing, United States, Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods/*utilization, Education, Medical, Continuing/*methods/*statistics & numerical data, Educational Measurement, England, Internet/*statistics & numerical data, Medical Staff, Hospital/*statistics & numerical data, Teaching/methods/statistics & numerical data,

95 OP:8249
Autor: Stoilescu, Dorian
Introduction into the Virtual Olympic Games Framework for online communities. 20090603 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods, Cooperative Behavior, Diffusion of Innovation, Health Education/methods, Health Promotion/*methods, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, Internet/*utilization, *Software, *Sports,

96 OP:8250
Autor: Brooke, John
Bringing simulation to engineers in the field: a Web 2.0 approach. 20090602 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

97 OP:8251
Autor: Hansen, Margaret M
ICT in the ICU: using Web 2.0 to enhance a community of practice for intensive care physicians. 20090602 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Australia, Humans, *Intensive Care, Intensive Care Units, *Internet, Medical Informatics Computing, New Zealand, *Physicians, Social Support, Software,

98 OP:8252
Autor: Nordfeldt, Sam
Health professionals’ attitudes towards using a Web 2.0 portal for child and adolescent diabetes care: qualitative study. 20090430 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Attitude, Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1/*rehabilitation/*therapy, Electronic Mail, Humans, *Internet, Interviews as Topic, Nurse-Patient Relations, Nurses/psychology, Physician-Patient Relations, Physicians/*psychology, Professional-Patient Relations, Self Care, Social Work,

99 OP:8253
Autor: Blanch, L
[The challenge of Web 2.0-based <>] 20090429 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, *Intensive Care, *Internet,

100 OP:8254
Autor: Segovis, Colin
Medicine in the era of Web 2.0. 20090428 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, Medical Informatics Computing, *Physician’s Role, *Social Support, Software, *Confidentiality, Humans,

101 OP:8255
Autor: Bakken, Suzanne
Architectural and usability considerations in the development of a Web 2.0-based EHR. 20090421 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Internet, Medical Records Systems, Computerized/instrumentation/*trends, *Patient Participation, *Physician-Patient Relations, Quality of Health Care, Research, Technology Assessment, Biomedical, Telemedicine/instrumentation/*trends, *Computer Systems, *Medical Records Systems, Computerized, *Software Design, *User-Computer Interface,

102 OP:8256
Autor: Glasgow, Russell E
The delivery of public health interventions via the Internet: actualizing their potential. 20090825 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Chronic Disease/*prevention & control, Communication, Health Education, Health Promotion/*methods, Humans, Information Dissemination/*methods, *Internet, *Public Health Practice, Social Support, User-Computer Interface,

103 OP:8257
Autor: Cadogan, Michael D
Web 2.0 rollercoaster. A ride we should all take. 20090303 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Attitude of Health Personnel, *Diffusion of Innovation, Emergency Medicine/trends, Humans, Internet/*trends, Medical Informatics/instrumentation/methods/*trends,

104 OP:8258
Autor: Chapman, S
Open source marketing: Camel cigarette brand marketing in the “Web 2.0” world. 20090525 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Advertising as Topic/*economics/legislation & jurisprudence, Case-Control Studies, Health Policy/*economics/legislation & jurisprudence, Humans, *Internet, Product Packaging/economics, Social Marketing, Tobacco Industry/*economics/legislation & jurisprudence,

105 OP:8259
Autor: Cobus, Laura
Using blogs and wikis in a graduate public health course. 20090206 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer Literacy, *Education, Graduate, Humans, Internet, *Interpersonal Relations, Public Health/*education, Software Design, *User-Computer Interface,

106 OP:8260
Autor: Foster, Brian C
Foresight scanning: future directions of clinical and pharmaceutical research. 20090202 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Cooperative Behavior, *Delivery of Health Care, Economics, Pharmaceutical, *Forecasting, Health Policy, Health Resources, Humans, *Interdisciplinary Communication, Internet, Nanotechnology, *Pharmacokinetics, *Research, Research Personnel, Safety,

107 OP:8261
Autor: Yoo, Sun K
Real-time Ambulance Location Monitoring using GPS and Maps Open API. 20090216 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Ambulances/*organization & administration, *Internet, *Satellite Communications, Software, User-Computer Interface,

108 OP:8262
Autor: Johnson, William G
Trust evaluation in health information on the World Wide Web. 20090216 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Health Education, *Internet, *Medical Informatics, *Trust,

109 OP:8263
Autor: Burnham, Judy F
Web 2.0 tools in medical and nursing school curricula. 20090122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods, *Curriculum, Education, Distance/organization & administration, Education, Medical/*methods, Education, Nursing/*methods, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, Internet/*classification/*utilization, Program Evaluation, Software, United States,

110 OP:8264
Autor: Ngo, Chong-Wah
Scale-rotation invariant pattern entropy for keypoint-based near-duplicate detection. 20090115 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Algorithms, *Artificial Intelligence, Image Enhancement/*methods, Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted/*methods, Pattern Recognition, Automated/*methods, Reproducibility of Results, Rotation, Sensitivity and Specificity, *Subtraction Technique, Video Recording/*methods,

111 OP:8265
Autor: Mauro, Alejandro
A multi-lingual web service for drug side-effect data. 20100330 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

112 OP:8266
Autor: Wilson, D J
New tools to support collaboration and virtual organizations. 20090130 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer Simulation, *Cooperative Behavior, Database Management Systems/*trends, Databases, Factual/*trends, Ecology/*methods/trends, Information Dissemination/methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/*trends, *Internet, *Models, Theoretical, *Software, *User-Computer Interface,

113 OP:8267
Autor: Shadbolt, Nigel
The evolution of the Web and implications for eResearch. 20090130 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Information Dissemination/*methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/*trends, Internet/*trends, Research/*trends, Software/*trends, *User-Computer Interface,

114 OP:8268
Autor: Shadbolt, Nigel
“Web 2.0, i.e. the second generation of the World Wide Web”. Editorial. 20081216 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, Social Environment,

115 OP:8269
Autor: Stone, Cheryl E
The potential role of Web 2.0. 20081209 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, *Marketing of Health Services, United States,

116 OP:8270
Autor: Irish, D Elizabeth
Isolated to integrated: an evolving medical informatics curriculum. 20081201 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Clinical Clerkship/*organization & administration, Computer User Training, *Computer-Assisted Instruction, Cooperative Behavior, Curriculum, Education, Medical, Undergraduate, Educational Technology, Humans, Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems, *Libraries, Medical, Medical Informatics/*education, New York, Organizational Case Studies, Program Development, Schools, Medical,

117 OP:8271
Autor: Hanberger, Lena
Web 2.0 systems supporting childhood chronic disease management: a pattern language representation of a general architecture. 20090116 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, Adolescent Behavior, Child, Chronic Disease/*therapy, Computer Systems, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1/therapy, *Disease Management, Humans, *Internet, Patient Education as Topic/*methods, *Patient Participation, Self Care/methods, Social Support,

118 OP:8272
Autor: Dzenowagis, Joan H
Scope, completeness, and accuracy of drug information in Wikipedia. 20081202 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Data Interpretation, Statistical, Databases, Factual/*standards, Drug Information Services/*standards/trends, Humans, Internet/*standards/trends, Medication Errors/prevention & control, Time Factors,

119 OP:8273
Autor: Kukafka, Rita
A tag based recommendation engine to suggest information resources in an online community for health promotion. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Data Mining/*methods, Health Promotion/*classification/*methods, Information Dissemination/*methods, *Internet, Natural Language Processing, Online Systems, Search Engine/*methods, *Subject Headings, United States,

120 OP:8274
Autor: Zheng, Kai
Casepedia: a Web 2.0 case repository enabling collaborative learning. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, *Database Management Systems, *Databases, Factual, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, *Internet, Medical History Taking/*methods, *Medical Records Systems, Computerized, Michigan, *Natural Language Processing, *User-Computer Interface,

121 OP:8275
Autor: Kukafka, Rita
Building a collaborative global health informatics website. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Cooperative Behavior, Information Dissemination/*methods, *Internationality, *Internet, Public Health Informatics/*methods/*organization & administration, *User-Computer Interface,

122 OP:8276
Autor: Wicks, Paul J
PatientsLikeMe: Consumer health vocabulary as a folksonomy. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Blogging/*organization & administration, Consumer Health Information/*organization & administration, Consumer Organizations/organization & administration, *Internet, *Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, Automated/methods, *Social Support, *Subject Headings, United States, *User-Computer Interface, *Vocabulary, Controlled,

123 OP:8277
Autor: Dzenowagis, Joan H
Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Consumer Health Information/*utilization, Drug Information Services/*utilization, Internet/*utilization, Medication Errors/prevention & control, United States,

124 OP:8278
Autor: Thoma, George
Web screening of US nursing homes by location and quality. 20081112 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Geography, Information Dissemination, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Internet, *National Library of Medicine (U.S.), Nursing Homes/*classification/*standards, Quality Assurance, Health Care/*methods, United States,

125 OP:8279
Autor: McKenzie, James F
Enhancing promotional strategies within social marketing programs: use of Web 2.0 social media. 20081021 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Community Health Planning/*methods, *Consumer Participation, Health Promotion/*methods, Health Services Research, Humans, *Internet, Marketing of Health Services, Program Development, Program Evaluation, *Social Marketing, United States,

126 OP:8280
Autor: Sittig, Dean F
Creating and sharing clinical decision support content with Web 2.0: Issues and examples. 20090320 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Cooperative Behavior, *Decision Support Systems, Clinical, *Hospital Information Systems, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Internet, Medical Records Systems, Computerized, User-Computer Interface,

127 OP:8281
Autor: Jeffries, Pamela R
Information technologies and the transformation of nursing education. 20081016 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer Simulation, Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods/trends, Diffusion of Innovation, Education, Distance/organization & administration, Education, Nursing, Baccalaureate/*organization & administration, Educational Technology/*organization & administration, Faculty, Nursing/organization & administration, Forecasting, Habits, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Health Services Needs and Demand, Humans, Information Systems/*organization & administration, Internet/organization & administration, Models, Educational, Models, Nursing, *Nursing Informatics/education/organization & administration, Organizational Innovation, Philosophy, Nursing, Students, Nursing/psychology, User-Computer Interface,

128 OP:8282
Autor: Larson, Elaine L
A nursing informatics research agenda for 2008-18: contextual influences and key components. 20081016 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Internet/trends, Interprofessional Relations, Medical Records Systems, Computerized/trends, Models, Nursing, Needs Assessment/*organization & administration, Nursing Informatics/education/*trends, Nursing Research/*trends, Research Design/trends, Social Behavior, Software/trends, Technology Assessment, Biomedical/trends, Computer User Training/trends, Databases as Topic/trends, Delphi Technique, Diffusion of Innovation, Evidence-Based Nursing/trends, Forecasting, Health Planning Guidelines, Human Genome Project/organization & administration, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/trends,

129 OP:8283
Autor: McFarland, Mary M
Putting wikis to work in libraries. 20081010 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Cooperative Behavior, Efficiency, Organizational, *Internet, Libraries, Medical/*organization & administration, Organizational Case Studies, *Software, User-Computer Interface, Utah,

130 OP:8284
Autor: Townsend, Jeffrey P
Bringing Web 2.0 to bioinformatics. 20090202 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computational Biology, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Cooperative Behavior, Database Management Systems, Databases, Factual, Humans, *Information Dissemination/methods, Internet/*trends, Research, User-Computer Interface,

131 OP:8285
Autor: Wang, Kaisheng M
Building online brand perceptual map. 20080926 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Commerce, *Consumer Satisfaction, *Decision Theory, Economic Competition, Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, Marketing/*methods, Product Line Management,

132 OP:8286
Autor: Jadad, A R
Supporting cancer patients through the continuum of care: a view from the age of social networks and computer-mediated communication. 20080904 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

133 OP:8287
Autor: Hansen, Margaret M
Versatile, immersive, creative and dynamic virtual 3-D healthcare learning environments: a review of the literature. 20080902 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Delivery of Health Care/methods, Diffusion of Innovation, Education, Distance/methods, Education, Medical, Education, Nursing, Health Education/*methods/trends, Humans, *Internet, Social Support, *User-Computer Interface, Video Games,

134 OP:8288
Autor: Cheung, Kei-Hoi
Development of grid-like applications for public health using Web 2.0 mashup techniques. 20081103 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Delaware/epidemiology, Feasibility Studies, Geographic Information Systems, Humans, *Internet, *Medical Informatics Applications, New Jersey/epidemiology, Population Surveillance/methods, Public Health Informatics/*methods, Risk Assessment/methods, Software Design, Systems Integration, Temperature, West Nile Fever/*epidemiology, *West Nile virus,

135 OP:8289
Autor: Eysenbach, Gunther
Medicine 2.0: social networking, collaboration, participation, apomediation, and openness. 20080826 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Cooperative Behavior, Education, Distance, Humans, Information Services, *Internet, Medical Records, Medicine/*trends, Patient Education as Topic/*methods, Social Support, Telemedicine, User-Computer Interface,

136 OP:8290
Autor: Chapman, S
Gone viral? Heard the buzz? A guide for public health practitioners and researchers on how Web 2.0 can subvert advertising restrictions and spread health information. 20080814 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Advertising as Topic/*legislation & jurisprudence, Health Promotion/methods, Humans, *Internet, Marketing/*methods, *Public Health,

137 OP:8291
Autor: Adams, Samantha A
Blog-based applications and health information: two case studies that illustrate important questions for Consumer Health Informatics (CHI) research. 20100503 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Biomedical Research, Blogging/*utilization, Communication, *Consumer Health Information, Female, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration/utilization, Life Change Events, Male, *Medical Informatics, Middle Aged, Weight Loss, Young Adult,

138 OP:8292
Autor: Kukafka, Rita
Healthy Harlem: empowering health consumers through social networking, tailoring and web 2.0 technologies. 20080812 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Consumer Health Information, Health Promotion/*methods, Humans, Information Dissemination, *Internet, New York City, *Social Support,

139 OP:8293
Autor: Browne, Allen C
The UMLS Knowledge Source Server: an experience in Web 2.0 technologies. 20080812 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Internet, Knowledge Bases, Software/trends, *Software Design, *Unified Medical Language System,

140 OP:8294
Autor: Karpinski, Joanna Lynn
Disconnected in a connected world: knowledge and understanding of Web 2.0 tools at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. 20080811 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Academic Medical Centers, *Communication, Consumer Satisfaction, *Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, *Internet, Libraries, Medical, Pennsylvania, *Software, User-Computer Interface,

141 OP:8295
Autor: Sayed, Ellen
The medical matters wiki: building a library Web site 2.0. 20080811 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, *Libraries, Medical, Library Science/*organization & administration, *Software,

142 OP:8296
Autor: Wareham, Jonathan
Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: tensions and controversies in the field. 20080806 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Delivery of Health Care/trends, Humans, *Internet, Medical Informatics/*trends, Medicine, Patient Education as Topic,

143 OP:8297
Autor: Riva, Giuseppe
A second life for eHealth: prospects for the use of 3-D virtual worlds in clinical psychology. 20080805 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Behavior, Addictive/therapy, Cellular Phone, Computer Simulation/ethics, Humans, *Internet, Patient Education as Topic, Psychology, Clinical/*trends, Substance-Related Disorders/therapy, Telemedicine, *User-Computer Interface,

144 OP:8298
Autor: Hardey, Michael
Public health and Web 2.0. 20080805 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Consumer Health Information, *Information Dissemination, *Internet,

145 OP:8299
Autor: Muller, H
Medical multimedia retrieval 2.0. 20080728 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Diagnostic Imaging/*trends, Information Storage and Retrieval/*trends, Internet/*trends, Multimedia/*trends, PubMed,

146 OP:8300
Autor: Erdley, W S
Towards addressing the opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 for health and informatics. 20080728 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Forecasting, *Informatics/trends, *Internet/trends, Medical Informatics Applications, Societies, Medical,

147 OP:8301
Autor: Gaudinat, A
Access to health information. Findings from the Section on Access to Health Information. 20080728 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Access to Information, *Information Storage and Retrieval, Internet, MEDLINE, *Medical Informatics, Societies, Medical,

148 OP:8302
Autor: Burden, David
Web GIS in practice VI: a demo playlist of geo-mashups for public health neogeographers. 20080731 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Communicable Diseases, *Geographic Information Systems, Humans, *Internet, Population Surveillance/*methods, *Public Health, Software Design,

149 OP:8303
Autor: Burden, David
Web 2.0 and social software: the medical student way of e-learning. 20080708 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

150 OP:8304
Autor: Skinner, Harvey A
Engaging youth in e-health promotion: lessons learned from a decade of TeenNet research. 20080708 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adolescent, *Computer-Assisted Instruction, Female, Health Promotion/*methods/organization & administration, Humans, *Internet, Male, Models, Psychological, Ontario, Organizational Case Studies, Program Evaluation, *School Health Services, Smoking/*prevention & control,

151 OP:8305
Autor: Fesus, Laszlo
Transdab wiki: the interactive transglutaminase substrate database on web 2.0 surface. 20090318 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Databases, Protein, *Internet, Substrate Specificity, Transglutaminases/*metabolism, *User-Computer Interface,

152 OP:8306
Autor: Giustini, Dean
Web 2.0 in physical therapy: a practical overview. 20100210 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

153 OP:8307
Autor: Orabi, M
Developing a Web 2.0 telemedical education system: the AJAX-Cocoon portal. 20080627 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Access to Information, Computer Communication Networks/organization & administration, Educational Technology/*organization & administration, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration, Ontario, Software, Telemedicine/methods/*organization & administration,

154 OP:8308
Autor: Gardiner, Ruth
The transition from ‘informed patient’ care to ‘patient informed’ care. 20080618 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Confidentiality, Consumer Health Information/*trends, Delivery of Health Care/*trends, Great Britain, Health Services Accessibility/*trends, Humans, Internet/*trends, *Patient Participation, Professional-Patient Relations, Telemedicine/trends,

155 OP:8309
Autor: Marsh, Andy
“The impatient patient”. 20080618 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Consumer Health Information/organization & administration/*trends, Delivery of Health Care/trends, Humans, *Internet, Models, Organizational, *Physician-Patient Relations, Self Care/trends, Self-Help Groups/trends, Telemedicine/organization & administration/*trends, World Health,

156 OP:8310
Autor: Dopazo, Joaquin
Babelomics: advanced functional profiling of transcriptomics, proteomics and genomics experiments. 20080630 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Animals, Gene Expression Profiling/*methods, Genomics/*methods, Humans, Internet, Mice, Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis, Proteomics/*methods, Rats, *Software,

157 OP:8311
Autor: Magos, Adam
Office 2.0: a web 2.0 tool for international collaborative research. 20080602 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Communication, *International Cooperation, Internet/*trends, Research,

158 OP:8312
Autor: Bell, Paul D
Web 2.0: what a health care manager needs to know. 20080530 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Health Facility Administrators, Humans, Internet/organization & administration/*trends, United States,

159 OP:8313
Autor: Dopazo, Joaquin
GEPAS, a web-based tool for microarray data analysis and interpretation. 20080630 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Computer Graphics, Dose-Response Relationship, Drug, Gene Expression Profiling/*methods, Internet, Kinetics, Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis/*methods, *Software,

160 OP:8314
Autor: Darmoni, S J
Cataloguing and displaying Web feeds from French language health sites: a Web 2.0 add-on to a health gateway. 20080519 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Cataloging, *Databases, Bibliographic, France, Humans, *Information Dissemination, *Internet, MEDLINE, Programming Languages, PubMed, Quality Control, Unified Medical Language System, United States, Vocabulary, Controlled,

161 OP:8315
Autor: Scotch, Matthew
HCLS 2.0/3.0: health care and life sciences data mashup using Web 2.0/3.0. 20081017 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Interdisciplinary Communication, Internet/*organization & administration/trends, Natural Language Processing, Neoplasms/epidemiology, Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis/methods/statistics & numerical, Public Health Informatics/organization & administration/trends, *Software Design, Systems Integration, User-Computer Interface, Biological Science Disciplines/*trends, *Database Management Systems/supply & distribution/trends, Delivery of Health Care/*trends, Environmental Pollution/statistics & numerical data, Geographic Information Systems/supply & distribution, Humans, Hypermedia/supply & distribution, Information Dissemination/methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/trends/utilization,

162 OP:8316
Autor: Kahn, Charles E Jr
Dynamic “inline” images: context-sensitive retrieval and integration of images into Web documents. 20080815 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, Medical, Educational Technology/*organization & administration, Humans, Information Dissemination, Internet/*organization & administration, Software Design, United States, Female, Humans, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, *Internet, Libraries, Digital, Male, *Pattern Recognition, Automated, Radiographic Image Enhancement, Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted/*methods, Radiology Information Systems/*utilization, Sensitivity and Specificity, Software Design,

163 OP:8317
Autor: Walmsley, A D
Potential of information technology in dental education. 20080221 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Competency-Based Education, Computer Simulation, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Curriculum, *Education, Dental, Education, Distance, Educational Measurement/methods, Evidence-Based Medicine, Faculty, Dental, Humans, *Informatics, Information Dissemination, Internet, Learning, Peer Review, Students, Dental, Teaching/methods, Teaching Materials,

164 OP:8318
Autor: Stevens, Robert
State of the nation in data integration for bioinformatics. 20081017 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Biology/organization & administration/trends, Computational Biology/organization & administration/*trends, Database Management Systems/*trends, Humans, Information Dissemination/methods, Information Storage and Retrieval/*trends, Internet/standards/utilization, Semantics, Systems Integration,

165 OP:8319
Autor: Seeman, Neil
Web 2.0 and chronic illness: new horizons, new opportunities. 20080310 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Chronic Disease, *Consumer Health Information, Hospital Information Systems, Humans, Information Dissemination, Information Services/trends, *Internet/utilization, Social Support,

166 OP:8320
Autor: Sandars, John
Capacity-building for public health: 20080218 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Developing Countries, Education, Distance, Education, Public Health Professional/*organization & administration, Humans, *Internet, Public Health/*manpower,

167 OP:8321
Autor: Leis Machin, Angela
[The Web 2.0 is presented as a new platform for processing medical information] 20080114 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Information Storage and Retrieval/methods/trends, *Internet/organization & administration/trends,

168 OP:8322
Autor: Schroter, S
Web 2.0 technologies for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education: an online survey. 20071206 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Adult, Attitude of Health Personnel, Computer-Assisted Instruction/methods, Education, Distance/*methods, Education, Medical, Graduate/*methods, Education, Medical, Undergraduate/*methods, Family Practice/education, Female, Great Britain, Humans, Internet/*utilization, Male, Middle Aged, Software, Teaching Materials,

169 OP:8323
Autor: Kiefer, Bertrand
[Medical importance of the Web 2.0] 20071116 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, Medicine/*trends,

170 OP:8324
Autor: Green, Lelia
Finding a new kind of knowledge on the HeartNET website. 20071116 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Consumer Satisfaction, *Heart Diseases, Humans, *Information Storage and Retrieval, *Internet, Interviews as Topic, Patient Education as Topic, Western Australia,

171 OP:8325
Autor: Kim, Kyung Hyun
IDBD: infectious disease biomarker database. 20080115 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Biological Markers/analysis/*chemistry, Carbohydrates/chemistry, Communicable Diseases/*diagnosis/therapy, *Databases, Factual, Humans, Internet, Molecular Conformation, Nucleic Acids/chemistry, Proteins/chemistry, Sequence Analysis, User-Computer Interface,

172 OP:8326
Autor: Santoro, Eugenio
[Podcasts, wikis and blogs: the web 2.0 tools for medical and health education] 20071031 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, Medical/methods, *Health Education/methods, Humans, *Internet, *Patient Education as Topic/methods,

173 OP:8327
Autor: Dubecz, Attila
[New possibilities provided by the internet in medicine] 20071025 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, *Information Dissemination, *Internet, *Medicine,

174 OP:8328
Autor: Adams, Samantha A
Using blogging tools to help individuals record their experiences: an exploration and review of two commercial web applications in the Netherlands. 20071005 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Communication, Health Promotion/methods, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration/utilization, Netherlands, Weight Loss,

175 OP:8329
Autor: Liesegang, Thomas J
Web 2.0, library 2.0, physician learning 2.0. 20071002 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Education, Medical, Continuing, Health Resources/organization & administration, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration, Journalism, Medical/standards, Libraries, Medical/*organization & administration, *Physicians,

176 OP:8330
Autor: Murray, Kermit K
Mass spectrometry and Web 2.0. 20071003 Alta: 3-Dic-2010

177 OP:8331
Autor: Sekar, K
Ramachandran plot on the web (2.0). 20070927 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, Peptides/*chemistry, Protein Conformation, Proteins/*chemistry,

178 OP:8332
Autor: Haythornthwaite, Caroline
New horizons for e-learning in medical education: ecological and Web 2.0 perspectives. 20070905 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Computer-Assisted Instruction, Ecology, Education, Medical/*methods, Educational Technology, Humans, *Internet, *Learning, Metaphor,

179 OP:8333
Autor: Dellavalle, Robert P
Wikis: the application of Web 2.0. 20070821 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Humans, Information Dissemination, Internet/*trends, Medical Informatics/*trends,

180 OP:8334
Autor: Wardman, Janet I
The effect of Web 2.0 on the future of medical practice and education: Darwikinian evolution or folksonomic revolution? 20070807 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Delivery of Health Care/*trends, Education, Medical/*trends, Humans, *Information Dissemination, Internet/*trends,

181 OP:8335
Autor: Wheeler, Steve
The emerging Web 2.0 social software: an enabling suite of sociable technologies in health and health care education. 20070302 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Clinical Competence, Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods/trends, Diffusion of Innovation, Education, Distance/*organization & administration/trends, Great Britain, Health Occupations/*education, Humans, Internet/*organization & administration/trends, Quality Assurance, Health Care, *Software,

182 OP:8336
Autor: Ackerman, Michael
PubMed Interact: an interactive search application for MEDLINE/PubMed. 20070122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods, Internet, MEDLINE, *PubMed, Software, *User-Computer Interface,

183 OP:8337
Autor: Mehta, Neil
Using Web 2.0 technologies to develop a resource for evidence based medicine. 20070122 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Evidence-Based Medicine, Humans, *Information Storage and Retrieval, *Internet,

184 OP:8338
Autor: Connor, Elizabeth
Medical librarian 2.0. 20070109 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Internet/*organization & administration, *Medical Record Administrators, *Software, United States,

185 OP:8339
Autor: Giustini, Dean
How Web 2.0 is changing medicine. 20061222 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
*Internet, *Medical Informatics,

186 OP:8340
Autor: Skiba, Diane J
Web 2.0: next great thing or just marketing hype? 20060822 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Community Networks/organization & administration, Computer User Training, Computer-Assisted Instruction/*methods/trends, Cooperative Behavior, Education, Nursing/*organization & administration, Humans, Hypermedia, Information Storage and Retrieval/*methods/trends, Internet/*organization & administration, Interpersonal Relations, Marketing, Organizational Innovation, Social Behavior, Students, Nursing/psychology, User-Computer Interface,

187 OP:8341
Autor: Wheeler, Steve
Wikis, blogs and podcasts: a new generation of Web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical practice and education. 20060913 Alta: 3-Dic-2010
Audiovisual Aids/trends, Computer Security, Computer-Assisted Instruction/trends, *Cooperative Behavior, *Diffusion of Innovation, Education, Distance/trends, Health Occupations/*education, Humans, Internet/*trends, Reproducibility of Results, *Software, Video Recording/trends,


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